TMC Show Highlights… Thursday 10-15-20

TODAY’S BLOG — The Halloween costume that’s disproportionately popular in Nebraska and all other states … Top Ramen is hiring a “Chief Noodle Officer” for $10,000 … A news anchor revealed her affair with the mayor, then punched the station manager, who she was also having an affair with …

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Story 1:  Here’s the Halloween Costume That’s Disproportionately Popular in Every State

When you go to your work’s Zoom Halloween party this year, will you be disappointed if someone else is wearing the same costume as you?  Here’s what to avoid . . .

A new study found the most disproportionately popular Halloween costume in every state.

Basically, they used Google data to figure out what costume people were searching for WAY MORE than average in a particular state.

The results include things like “scary clown” in Mississippi . . . “mermaid” in the aquatic paradise of South Dakota . . . “1980s” in Florida and New York . . .

“Plague doctor” in Idaho and Tennessee . . . “Ninja Turtles” in Arizona, Minnesota, and Indiana . . . “the Addams Family” in New Jersey . . . and “Carole Baskin” in Utah and Connecticut.

Nebraska . . . Cheerleader.

Go here for more including a map with the costume for every state.

Story 2:  Top Ramen Is Hiring a “Chief Noodle Officer” for $10,000

Looks like all those years of living off ramen noodles now counts as work experience.

Top Ramen is hiring a “Chief Noodle Officer” to help test out new recipes.  They’ll pay you $10,000, plus give you a 50-year supply of Top Ramen products.  So that’s like another $12 on top of the 10 grand!

If you’re interested in applying, you need to post a few sentences on social media about why you’d be great, and include a photo of yourself making a unique ramen dish.

Go here for more.

Story 3:  A News Anchor Revealed Her Affair with the Mayor, Then Punched the Station Manager . . . Who She Was Also Having an Affair With

hey tell news reporters never to become the story.  This woman seemed to have missed that day in journalism school.

41-year-old Maria Athens is an anchor at the ABC/FOX/CW station in Anchorage, Alaska.

(Careful!) Last Friday, she posted a Facebook video in the station’s control room where she said she had breaking news about how Anchorage’s mayor, Ethan Berkowitz, quote, “has his male genitalia posted on an underage girls website.”

The video is pretty strange . . . she’s talking as if she’s doing a news promo, but she seems upset and unfocused, like something is off.

The police and FBI investigated her allegation about the mayor, and they found it wasn’t true.  But what WAS true is that Maria and Ethan had an affair, which he admitted to on Monday.

And then, after Maria posted the video, she PUNCHED the station manager . . . who she was ALSO having an affair with.  She was arrested for assault, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct.

Go here for more.
Go here for photos of Ethan and Maria.

Survey Says:  Win a Raising Canes Box Combo Meal AND Kearney Cinema 8 Movie Pass!

According to a new survey, 13% of people think THIS is haunted.  

Answer:  Their house.  |  Go here for more.

The Moore Yooou Knoooow:  Random Facts to Feed Your Brain!

  1. Walt Disney did the original voice of Mickey Mouse.  He stopped after 17 years when he got too busy and had to turn it over to someone else.

  2. It’s illegal to reincarnate in China without government permission.

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