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Good News and Views… Monday 7-13-20

RECENT UPDATES . . . NEW:  For the upcoming school year Grand Island Public Schools announced face coverings would be required.  Now all students, staff and teachers must wear face masks at all times.  If kids don’t wear them, then they will not be allowed in school.  Students who are unable to wear masks because of…read more »


TMC Show Highlights… Monday 7-13-20

TODAY’S BLOG — A bear opens the door to a house and attacks the man inside, and a new species of sharks can walk on land … The most common tough-to-answer questions kids ask … VIEW GOOD NEWS & VIEWS SUBMIT GOOD NEWS & VIEWS Contests on The Morning Crave… 7:20am  Numbers Game (Amigos) 8:20am  Survey…read more »


TMC Show Highlights… Friday 7-10-20

TODAY’S BLOG — New Music Friday: “Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)” by Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685 … Coronavirus Insanity: A rise in broken hearts, a year in jail for not wearing a mask, and more … Barbados is offering a 12-month visa for remote workers if you want to escape to a Caribbean island…read more »