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TODAY’S BLOG — A bear opens the door to a house and attacks the man inside, and a new species of sharks can walk on land … The most common tough-to-answer questions kids ask …

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Story 1:  A Bear Opens the Door to a House and Attacks the Man Inside . . . and a New Species of Sharks Can Walk on Land

2020 is when we all learned about MURDER HORNETS . . . but it turns out they’re not the only animals going rogue in this apocalyptic year.

First, a 54-year-old guy just outside of Aspen, Colorado was attacked by a bear on Friday.  How?  The bear managed to open the door to the guy’s house, barge inside, and then SWIPE at the guy’s face and neck.

The man needed emergency surgery for severe face and neck injuries.  Wildlife officials caught and euthanized the bear, and they say there’s NOTHING this guy did that made the bear break into his house or attack him . . . the bear did all that on his own.

And our second “the animals are coming” story today comes from the “Marine and Freshwater Research” journal . . . where scientists in Australia found a new species of shark that can get out of the water and WALK on land.

They say there are a few species of shark that can “walk” on their fins . . . but this new one they found developed the ability more recently.  Yes, sharks are evolving the ability to hop out of the water.

For now, they can’t get very far.  For now.

Go here and here for more.

Story 2:  The Most Common Tough-to-Answer Questions Kids Ask

If you’ve got kids, you’ve probably had to field some of these questions before.  A recent study looked at the most common tough-to-answer questions little kids ask their parents.  Here are the top ten . . .

  1. Where do babies come from?
  2. What’s the deal with Santa Claus?
  3. Do things like ghosts, mermaids, and unicorns exist?
  4. Is the Tooth Fairy real? And what does she do with all those teeth?
  5. Why do adults have to work?
  6. Where do people go when they die?
  7. Why is the sky blue?
  8. Where do clouds come from?
  9. Are there still dinosaurs around?
  10. If you swallow a seed, will it grow inside you? (The next time they ask that one, here’s an answer that’ll freak ’em out:  No, not in your stomach . . . but if it gets in your lungs, it’s possible.)

Go here for more.

Survey Says:  Win a Raising Canes Box Combo Meal AND a Kearney Cinema 8 Movie Pass!

According to a recent survey, THIS is our favorite condiment with fries.

Answer:  Ketchup.  |  Go here for more.

The Moore Yooou Knoooow:  Random Facts to Feed Your Brain!

  1. Roller skates were invented in Belgium and patented in 1760.
  1. A city called Whitehorse in the Yukon in Canada has the least air pollution of any city in the world.
  1. Every single year has at least one Friday the 13th, and about 11% of years have three of them. 2026 is one of those triple years.  Our current year has two, March and November.
  1. The first recorded use of the f-word in human history was in 1528, when a monk wrote it in the margins of a book to express how much he disliked an abbot.
  1. The first fast food burger chain in the United States was . . . White Castle. It was established in 1921 and was the first chain to have every store make its food in one standard way so it would look and taste the same everywhere.

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