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TODAY’S BLOG — Kids today make a different hand gesture to pretend they’re on the phone … Lay’s just released five new restaurant-inspired flavors including cheesesteak and hot chicken … Is “snazzy” the safest word to use when complimenting a coworker? …

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Story 1:  Kids Today Make a Different Hand Gesture to Pretend They’re on the Phone

If you grew up in the ’90s or earlier and you wanted to use your hand to pretend you’re on the phone, you’d stick out your thumb and pinky and hold your hand up to your face to mimic a phone handset.

Well guess what, grandma?  Today’s kids have no idea why you’re doing that.

There’s a TikTok video going viral where a dad asks both of his kids what hand gesture they’d use to pretend they were on a phone call, and both of them held their palm up flat to the side of their head to mimic a smartphone.

At least they didn’t say, “What’s a phone call?”

The video has more than 275,000 likes already . . . and it’s getting a lot of comments from adults who are VERY thrown by it.

Go here for more.


Even the hand gesture game has changed @kamilo.ny @guesswhos_wifey @itz_daniella12 ##LaughPause ##dadsoftiktok ##momsoftiktok ##over30 ##kids ##fyp

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Story 2:  Lay’s Just Released Five New Restaurant-Inspired Flavors Including Cheesesteak and Hot Chicken

People have been eating WAY more snack food during the pandemic . . . so getting some new options on that front is BIG NEWS.

Lay’s just released five new limited-edition flavors of chips, and they’re all based on food from famous restaurants around the country.  They are . . .

  1. New York-Style Pizza, inspired by Grimaldi’s in New York.
  2. Nashville Hot Chicken, inspired by Party Fowl in Nashville.
  3. Philly Cheesesteak, inspired by Geno’s Steaks in Philadelphia.
  4. Carnitas Street Taco, inspired by El Torito in Los Angeles.
  5. And Chile Relleno, inspired by Cocina Azul in Albuquerque.

The chips are hitting stores next week and will be on sale through early September.

Go here for more.

Here are pictures of Hot Chicken and Pizza . . . Cheesesteak . . . Taco . . . and Chile Relleno.

Story 3:  Is “Snazzy” the Safest Word to Use When Complimenting a Coworker?

Complimenting a coworker’s outfit can backfire if they take it the wrong way.  And this might sound like the opposite of a good idea . . . but would you be better off talking the way your GRANDPARENTS did?

Someone on Twitter claims “SNAZZY” is the best word to use when you’re dolling out compliments at work, because it’s totally benign.  And it’s so old-school, it can’t possibly be seen as sexual or offensive.

Here are some examples they gave on how to use it:  You could say, “Hey, those are some snazzy earrings you’ve got on.”  Or, “Wow, that’s a snazzy shirt, work friendo!”  (???)

Other words like “neat,” “slick,” or “nifty” might work too.  But they claim snazzy is the safest.

Another strategy is to just be factual with your comments.  Like, “Neat, your headband matches your necklace.”  Or, “Wow, your skirt has whales all over it.”  (Is that last one even a compliment?  Also, stop looking at my skirt, creep!)

The one thing they say to never comment on are physical attributes.  Like, telling someone their lips look “snazzy” today could still come across wrong.

Go here for more.

Survey Says:  Win a Raising Canes Box Combo Meal AND a Kearney Cinema 8 Movie Pass!

A new survey asked fans about their sports food and drink traditions, habits, and preferences.  55% of people have paid extra for THIS at a game.

Answer:  Souvenir drink cup.  |  Go here for more.

The Moore Yooou Knoooow:  Random Facts to Feed Your Brain!

  1. The first song ever played on an iPod was a house music dance song called “Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)” by Spiller.
  1. The first self-made female millionaire in the U.S. was Black. Her name was Madam C.J. Walker and she died in 1919, shortly after becoming a millionaire selling beauty and hair products specifically designed for Black women.
  1. The phrase “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” comes from a Lord Tennyson poem from 1849 called “In Memoriam A.H.H.” It’s NOT about romantic love . . . he was mourning a friend’s death.
  1. IBM has gotten the most patents of any company in the United States for the past 27 years in a row. It got 9,262 of them last year.
  1. The Harlem Globetrotters were founded in Chicago. Their offices are now in Georgia.  They’ve never been based anywhere in New York . . . let alone Harlem.

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