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TODAY’S BLOG — Travelocity’s one bucket list item for Nebraska … Heinz releases recipes to make ketchup, mayo, and BBQ sauce ice cream … Coronavirus Insanity: Leftover Guinness fertilizes Christmas trees, a porn star in trouble for not wearing a mask, and more …

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Nebraska’s One Bucket List Item is “Giggling in Front of a Capitol”?

Of all the cool things to do in Nebraska, even this juvenile act didn’t come to our minds!

“Travelocity” published an article on the “most incredible thing you must do in all 50 states”.  Immediately, attending a Nebraska football or volleyball game comes to mind . . .  or perhaps attending the College World Series . . . or maybe checking out the world’s largest Kool Aid stand or visiting Carhenge.  


The one bucket list thing to do in Nebraska according to “Travelocity” is “giggle” in front of the capitol building in Lincoln.  Why?  Because Nebraska’s capitol building is nicknamed the “Penis on the Plains” (IT IS??) and that the “phallic building in Lincoln is made of limestone and was started in 1922. It took builders 10 years to complete”. 

No doubt some neat history, but really??  Did a bunch of Iowans write this article?  All Nebraskans (should) know that if there’s one penis we want to see in Nebraska, it’s the “Elk Penis” . . . aka Chimney Rock.

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Story 1:  Heinz Releases Recipes to Make Ketchup, Mayo, and BBQ Sauce Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a new stuck-at-home kitchen challenge . . . well, this is something that exists.

Heinz just released some recipes for making homemade ice cream . . . based on their condiment flavors.

So if you’ve ever wanted to try ketchup, mayo, or barbecue sauce ice cream, now you can make it yourself.

The recipes are all pretty simple . . . mostly just adding heavy cream, condensed milk, whole milk, and a few large squeezes of the condiment to a bowl, mixing them up, then freezing them.

But they also have suggestions for TOPPINGS, like raspberry sauce and meringue crumbles on your ketchup ice cream, or bacon bits, pecans, and maple syrup on your barbecue sauce ice cream.

Go here for more.

Here are the recipes for ketchup, mayo, and barbecue sauce.  They’re from Heinz in the U.K., which is why some of the condiments have different names.  And here’s a picture.

Story 2:  Coronavirus Insanity: Leftover Guinness Fertilizes Christmas Trees, a Porn Star in Trouble for Not Wearing a Mask, and More

Here’s a fresh round-up of coronavirus insanity . . .

  1. The Guinness brewery in Ireland is using its hundreds of thousands of unused kegs of leftover beer to fertilize Christmas trees.  The brewery’s director of operations says, quote, “We decant it and we disperse it . . . the vast majority of the beer goes to willow and Christmas tree [farms].”
  1. The police in Cali, Colombia are looking for a porn star named Kaori Dominick after she filmed a porn scene on a bus without a face mask. It violates the law that face masks are required on public transportation at all times.   

  2. With public bathrooms closed, lots of people are now relieving themselves in public. And a debate has broken out online over whether or not it’s okay to film someone doing that to either shame them on social media or alert the cops.   

  3. A bar owner in Kilgore, Texas held a “Bar Lives Matter” protest on Sunday over the new order from the governor that bars have to close by Friday. 

  4. People aren’t the only ones who did some sweet plumping up during the quarantine . . . one in three people say their PETS gained a few pounds too. So now people are putting those pets on diets.   

  5. A new study compared different types of homemade masks and found that two layers of “quilted fabric” are the most effective. 

  6. The casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey are allowed to reopen tomorrow . . . but with no smoking, drinking, or eating. And they’ll need to stay at 25% capacity.  

  7. EMTs who traveled to New York to help out with the early stages of the pandemic say one of the companies they worked for, called Ambulnz, monitored them with GPS and banned them from drinking or having sex. Now they’re suing the company.  

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According to a recent survey, 14% of people say YES . . . at some point, their house did run out of THIS.

Answer:  Toilet paper.  |  Go here for more.

The Moore Yooou Knoooow:  Random Facts to Feed Your Brain!

  1. Portland, Oregon was named by a coin flip . . . the other name option was Boston. The two guys who founded the city were from Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine.  The guy from Maine won the toss and named the city Portland.
  1. The men’s clothing shop Bonobos was the first company that started as e-commerce only and eventually opened a physical store. The site launched in 2007 and they opened a store in 2012.
  1. The reason baseball and basketball teams wear dark jerseys for road games is because the away teams originally didn’t have access to washing machines, so they needed the darker jerseys to conceal dirt.
  1. The Oval Office has pressure sensors in the floor, so the Secret Service can monitor exactly where the president is when they’re not allowed inside.
  1. The “CR-V” in “Honda CR-V” stands for “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.”

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