TMC Show Highlights… Monday 6-29-20

TODAY’S BLOG — Coronavirus Insanity: A woman thinks her husband caught an STD on a business trip from his face mask … “Corona” made the list of the 100 most popular baby names in 2020 … A man is getting mocked for his passionate tweet about his wife not getting cheese for her fajitas …

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Story 1:  Coronavirus Insanity: A Woman Thinks Her Husband Caught an STD on a Business Trip from His Face Mask

Here’s a fresh round-up of coronavirus insanity . . .

  1. A woman in Wisconsin made a comment on Facebook saying that her husband went on a business trip and caught chlamydia from his face mask. Yes, that’s her actual belief on how he caught it.  Everyone else on social media has a different theory.   

  2. Erectile dysfunction is up 13% during the pandemic. It could be a combo of more stress and more alcohol.   

  3. The top grossing movie theater in the country last week was the Ford-Wyoming Drive-In in Dearborn, Michigan. It brought in $127,300.   

  4. A woman in North Hollywood, California went viral on Friday for having a meltdown at a Trader Joe’s when the employees asked her to wear a mask. 

  5. One in four Americans say they’ll never go back to the gym, even when the pandemic is over. But for the people who do go back, nine in 10 say they’ll be more vigilant about wiping down equipment.   

  6. A 24-year-old woman in Brooklyn, New York sat at a park to have as many speed dates as possible to make up for the lost time during the quarantine. 
  1. Are you having “caution fatigue”? That’s where people start getting looser about following rules because they’re tired of following them.   

  2. If you’ve seen “Face Mask Exempt Cards” with what looks like a federal seal on them floating around on social media, they’re obviously not real. 

  3. Only 13% of working parents want to go back fully to the “old normal” whenever the pandemic is over . . . the rest like remote work and more family time.

  4. Three people in New Mexico have died from drinking hand sanitizer with methanol . . . one is now blind . . . and three others are in critical condition.  

Story 2:  “Corona” Made the List of the 100 Most Popular Baby Names in 2020

This is definitely a weird moment in history.  And I guess some people want to be reminded of it every day for the rest of their LIFE . . .

The baby website The Bump posted a list of the 100 most popular baby names on its site this year.

And “CORONA” made the list of the top girls’ names so far.

It barely cracked the list in 100th place.  So don’t expect to see TOO many Coronas out there in the near future.  But it’s more popular than it used to be.

New-age, non-traditional names also seem to be more popular with their users.  Because the top ten includes a lot of baby names you don’t see on other lists.

The ten most popular girls’ names on this year are:  Mila . . . Aaliyah . . . Aurora . . . Aria . . . Amelia . . . Eliana . . . Nova . . . Kayden . . . Molly . . . and Ivy.

“Corona” didn’t make the boys’ list.  The most popular names for boys this year are:  Braxton . . . Zion . . . Hunter . . . Kai . . . Urban . . . Logan . . . Elliot . . . Liam . . . Lucas . . . and River. 

Go here for more.

Story 3:  A Man Is Getting Mocked for His Passionate Tweet About His Wife Not Getting Cheese for Her Fajitas

The pandemic has had a deep impact on different people’s lives in very different ways.

There’s a guy in Allen, Texas who really found out what coronavirus suffering looked like on Saturday night.  Here’s what he tweeted:

Quote, “My wife, date night after three-plus months locked up on quarantine.  Waiting for shredded cheese as it’s the only way she can eat fajitas.  We’ve asked four people, going on 18 minutes now . . . we gotta quit blaming COVID-19 for crappy service.”

He also included a photo of his wife, sitting at the table, looking defeated.

After his tweet started going viral and people started mocking him, he deleted it. 

Go here for more.

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The Moore Yooou Knoooow:  Random Facts to Feed Your Brain!

  1. Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” played quarterback at Louisiana Tech University in the late ’60s. He left school early to focus on duck hunting, which opened up the spot for the backup quarterback . . . Terry Bradshaw. 
  1. Johnson & Johnson was founded by THREE guys named Johnson, not two like the name implies. They were all brothers:  Robert, James, and Edward Johnson.
  1. Rainbows are actually full circles. You just can’t see the bottom half because of the ground.
  1. Paul McCartney wrote “Let It Be”, and then sent it to Aretha Franklin. She recorded it, but held up the release for so long, The Beatles decided to just do it themselves.
  1. A football player named Bobby Singh won a Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams in 2000 . . . an XFL championship with the L.A. Xtreme in 2001 . . . and a CFL championship in 2006 with the B.C. Lions. No other player ever won all three.

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