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  • Pyramids, Speedos, Cookie Dough Beer....
    Here is another edition of Reido's Random Facts for the week of June 22nd....More worthless crap from the mind of Reido!!
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  • Our 5th Annual Bike Night was an eventful evening with lightning, wind and a couple of sprinkles. It seemed the rain stayed away but all the other elements with these storms showed up
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  • A former Hastings Police Officer, Jerry Esch set up a GoFundMe account in November of 2015. On this page, he requested $27,000 to assist with medical expenses not covered by his insurance provider. 2% of the money raised was used for medical expenses.
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  • Hitting snooze. You disrupt your sleep cycle, and end up sleepier than if you'd gotten up in the first place.
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