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C-19 Virtual Nebraska Roadtrip

With some travel restrictions still in play during this pandemic I am going on some virtual journeys around the world while we wait this thing out. Slowly some rules are being lifted but travel somewhat limited so instead a You Tube road trip this time closer to home. A Nebraska Roadtrip, some of these places…read more »


C-19 Virtual Roadtrip to Machu Picchu

As this pandemic continues to keep us home and travel not a luxury I am punching more and more virtual tickets on You Tube and traveling through others to places I would like to Go. So today another bucket list trip to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. Some of you have be…read more »


C-19 Virtual Sailing Trip to Antarctic

We continue to travel the world via the digital interwebs during this pandemic since travel is essentially shutdown. Place I have picked would be definitely Bucket list trips, but some maybe out of reach even on that list. This might be one of them. I would love to visit this continent, but not just the…read more »


C-19 Virtual Roadtrip to South Africa

While we wait for this pandemic to ease in Nebraska and around the country and global, travel is at a standstill for the most part. So I head to You Tube to check out places I would like to visit and put on my bucket list. Today it is South Africa! Enjoy the virtual tour!…read more »