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Drake Making People Smile with Gifts!

That’s right Drake released his new single “God’s Plan” recently and the video for the song….shows Drake giving random people gifts of cash, cars, donations to community groups and making peeps simile and scream! Check it out!read more »

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These Songs turn 20 in 2018

As we move into March 2018 it is fun to look back and see what songs have mile-stone birthdays. The following songs celebrate their 20th Birthday in 2018! I was doing middays then and was Hits 106 KQKY Music Director. I played them all and would like to think I had a role in them…read more »

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Reidos Blog DJ Khaled Has a lot of Shoes

DJ Khaled a successful Rapper, Producer and Entrepreneur has a lavish house in Miami. Inside he has a Library of Shoes! Yeah these blokes live in a very different world. Glad I got to help in paying for the show collection! Has to be a pair for each day of the year!read more »

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Tell Alexa to Open Hits 106!

If you received an amazon smart Speaker like an Echo, Dot or Show you can listen to Hits 106 KQKY and our Live Stream through Alexa. I bought one at the beginning of the year and I use it a lot. Very handy to listen to our stations Hits 106, Y102 KRNY, KGFW, Rock 1015…read more »