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Thank You Central Nebraska – St. Jude!

Thank you central Nebraska for your wonderful support again for the Y102 St. Jude Radio Event. We again broke a record reaching $307,021 in hope for the kids of St. Jude. Helping these children fight these devastating diseases is an ongoing thing….it never stops. Many children are cured some are not, but the fight keeps…read more »


Another long haul flight has debuted

I am a plane nut and if I had the time and $$$$$ I would just fly from place to place trying out economy, business and first class flights from locations around the world. There are those that do this and post their experiences on You Tube. I have done long haul flights from Dallas…read more »


Wanna Get Away?

There are days and yours might be today where just getting away is on top of the list! To make it even tougher how about the Fjords of Norway and glacier carved valleys! Booking my ticket NOW! Fjords of Norway by Drone!read more »


Reidos Blog Songs that turn 20 in 2018 Part 2

Here is part two of my blog on songs that turn 20! I remember quite well each and every one and playing them on the mid days on Hits 106! The Offspring Pretty Fly for a White Guy Just a great hook with lyrics that flow with the tune itself. Love the line “….world needs…read more »