Free Knowledge, Free College

Free Knowledge, Free College

Join me in expanding not just our waistlines but also our brains in the New Year!

Check this out – places like Harvard, Edinburgh, IBM, Stanford, the University of London, and SO MANY OTHERS are offering courses FOR. FREE.

Wanna learn programming and gaming? How about becoming an archaeologist? Interested in ancient worlds? Does fashion, aesthetics, cyber-culture, or philosophy tickle your fancy?

Check. Them. All. Out.

Whether you want to sit down, take notes, and really delve in or have something interesting to listen to while wiping-down counters… here are links to get your intellectual journey started:

Harvard University

Stanford University

Courses you can finish in a day

From all over the world

I can almost hear those new wrinkles forming in your grey matter from here.

Take care of each other, dear hearts, and remember…

Umm… I mean,