TMC Show Highlights… Monday 11-30-20

TODAY’S BLOG — Five mistakes to avoid on Cyber Monday … Drinking hot chocolate can make you smarter … Someone stole a man’s tire and replaced it was frozen turkey …

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Story 1:  Five Mistakes to Avoid on Cyber Monday

There are lots of great deals for Cyber Monday this year.  But here are five mistakes to avoid if you’re shopping online today . . .

  1. Shopping for the sake of a sale. A lot of people buy stuff JUST because it’s on sale.  So ask yourself if you’re actually excited about the product, or did they trick you into buying something you don’t actually want.

  2. Think about delivery times. There’s still plenty of time for the post office to deliver stuff, but warehouses have had staffing issues during the pandemic.  So double-check the estimated shipping dates before you buy anything.

  3. Don’t wait until tonight to start shopping. A lot of stuff will be sold out by then.  So if you want the best deals, start early.

  4. Don’t ignore travel deals this year. Airlines and hotels are offering even crazier deals because of COVID.  And you can book way ahead of time for later next year.

  5. Don’t get scammed. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.  So make sure you really trust the website before you give them your credit card info.

And also be careful about the bogus shipping updates that have been really widespread this year.  That’s when you get a text or email that looks like it’s from UPS or FedEx, with a link they want you to click.  If the link looks suspicious, don’t click it.

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Story 2:  Drinking Hot Chocolate Can Make You Smarter?

I’m not sure people need an excuse to consume MORE chocolate at this time of year, but here’s one for you anyway.

According to a new study out of the University of Birmingham in England, drinking hot chocolate can make you SMARTER.

The researchers say it’s because of some molecules in cocoa called flavanols . . . and they make your brain work faster and more efficiently.

There’s only one downside:  If your brain is already functioning really well, the flavanols won’t help you out.  And since you’re a genius, that means you.  But for the rest of us . . . bring on the hot chocolate.

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Story 3:  Someone Stole a Man’s Tire and Replaced It with a Frozen Turkey

This is one hell of a strange way to wish someone a happy Thanksgiving.

A guy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin went out to his car early last week and found someone had stolen his back right tire.

But they kept his car propped up by replacing the tire with . . . a FROZEN TURKEY.

The guy says, quote, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.  I’ve heard of people putting bricks, but never heard of a turkey underneath.  I hope you enjoy that tire because you could have gave that turkey to somebody who really needed it.”

As far as we know, the cops haven’t tracked down the tire thieves.

Go here for more.
Go here for a picture of the turkey under the wheel.

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45% of men do THIS less often because of the pandemic.

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The Moore Yooou Knoooow:  Random Facts to Feed Your Brain!

  1. Most people pass gas 14 to 23 times every day.
  1. The three biggest employers in the United States are the Department of Defense with 3.2 million people . . . Walmart with 2.1 million . . . and McDonald’s with 1.9 million.
  1. South Africa has ELEVEN official languages: But somehow, the motto on their coat of arms isn’t in ANY of those . . . it’s in a language called Khoisan.
  1. Aerosmith made more money in royalties off the video game “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith” than they made from any of their actual albums.
  1. The song “Killing Me Softly” was written about Don McLean. The woman who wrote the song was named Lori Lieberman.  She heard McLean’s song “Empty Chairs” and she was so inspired by it she felt like McLean was killing her softly with it.

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