TMC Show Highlights… Tuesday 11-24-20

TODAY’S BLOG — These types of products will have the deepest deals on Black Friday … Oxford English Dictionary couldn’t pick just one single “Word of the Year” … The first In-N-Out Burger opened in Colorado and had a 14-hour drive-thru line …

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Story 1:  These Types of Products Will Have the Deepest Deals on Black Friday

What type of stuff should you be looking to buy on Black Friday?  Well, hopefully stuff you actually NEED.  But here’s a little guidance.

An annual study looks at advertised Black Friday prices at a bunch of stores, and compares them to how much you’d normally pay if you bought the same product on Amazon.  Here are nine categories, and the types of discounts you might see . . .

  1. Consumer packaged goods. That’s stuff you use up and rebuy a lot, like food, drinks, and household products.  Up to 43% cheaper than Amazon.
  2. Books, movies, and music. Also up to 43% cheaper on Black Friday.
  3. Clothing and accessories, 36%.
  4. Toys, 36%.
  5. Video games, 34%. Only the games, not the newest consoles that just came out.
  6. Furniture, 31%.
  7. Appliances, 28%.
  8. Random gadgets and electronics, 25%.
  9. Computers and phones, 24%.

Go here for more.

Story 2:  Oxford English Dictionary Couldn’t Pick Just One Single “Word of the Year”

How can one word sum up THE craziest year in our lifetime?  The people at Oxford English Dictionary say . . . it can’t.

The editors at the Oxford English Dictionary say that when they were deciding on their annual pick for Word of the Year, quote, “It quickly became apparent that 2020 is not a year that could neatly be accommodated in one single word of the year.”

So instead, they picked dozens of words that sum up, quote, “the phenomenal breadth of language change and development over the year.”

Those words include:  COVID-19 . . . work-from-home . . . lockdown . . . support bubbles . . . essential workers . . . furlough . . . Black Lives Matter . . . mail-in . . . superspreader . . . social distancing . . . QAnon . . . and impeachment.

Go here for more.

Story 3:  The First In-N-Out Burger Opened in Colorado . . . And Had a 14-Hour Drive-Thru Line

Is this REALLY a smart way to spend an entire day of your weekend?

In-N-Out Burger just opened its first two locations in Colorado.  And people were so HYPED, they were waiting up to FOURTEEN HOURS in a two-mile-long drive-thru line.

And there’s more.  At one point, two guys got out of their car and got into a FIGHT . . . where one of them lost his pants.

Go here for more.

Survey Says:  Win a Raising Canes Box Combo Meals AND a Kearney Cinema 8 Movie Pass!

A survey asked 30,000 Americans, “When is the earliest acceptable time for radio stations to start playing Christmas music?” And THIS was the most popular answer.

Answer:  After Thanksgiving.  |  Go here for more.

The Moore Yooou Knoooow:  Random Facts to Feed Your Brain!

  1. Tiramisu was invented in Italian brothels because they believed it was an aphrodisiac.
  1. The highest point in Connecticut is on a mountain called Mount Frissell. But it’s not even the peak of the mountain . . . that’s across the border in Massachusetts.
  1. Ikea started as a mail-order business that sold pencils and postcards.
  1. One pound of dimes and one pound of quarters are worth the same amount. Two hundred dimes weigh one pound and are worth $20 . . . 80 quarters weigh one pound and are worth $20.
  1. Dinosaurs existed before flowers. Scientists believe flowering plants evolved as a response to dinosaurs . . . because plants needed protection against vegetarian dinosaurs.

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