TMC Show Highlights… Tuesday 8-11-20

TODAY’S BLOG — The secret to avoiding ice cream freezer burn … The states with the most attractive people … The future of snow days …

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Story 1:  The Secret to Avoiding Freezer Burn Is Storing Your Ice Cream Upside Down

We’re stress-eating ice cream so fast right now, this might not matter as much.  But there’s a simple trick to prevent freezer burn:  Once you open a tub of ice cream, put it back in your freezer UPSIDE DOWN.

Upper-level ice cream fans might know this already.  But it works so well, Ben & Jerry’s suggests it on their website.  Here’s why . . .

When you refreeze things, the warm air that’s gotten in sucks out some of the moisture.  So the ice cream dries out a little bit, and the moisture that’s pulled from it becomes ice crystals at the top.

When the ice cream on top gets REALLY melted, it can also drip down and melt the colder stuff at the bottom too.  Which makes it even worse.  But storing it upside down stops that from happening.

It’s an even better idea if you accidentally leave ice cream out and it melts a lot.  Just make sure the lid is on tight, so it doesn’t spill out when you flip it over.

Making sure your freezer’s cold enough stops freezer burn too.  It should be zero degrees, or colder.

You also shouldn’t store it in the door, because it thaws out a little bit every time you open it.  So it’s best to keep it in the back, with other cold stuff packed around it.

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Story 2:  Do These Ten States Have the Most Attractive People?

Remember when we used to judge people just by their looks?  It’s a little harder when we’re all wearing masks . . .

A new study ranked all 50 states according to how ATTRACTIVE the people are.

They looked at Google search trends to see how interested each state is in things like hair, clothes, and grooming.

They also factored in how in-shape people are, how often they exercise, and STD rates. 

According to the results, the state with the hottest people overall is . . . New Jersey.

The top ten are New Jersey . . . Hawaii . . . California . . . Massachusetts . . . New York . . . Colorado . . . Connecticut . . . Rhode Island . . . Alaska . . . and Arizona.

The states at the bottom of the list are Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, and South Carolina.

Nebraska . . . 35.  Iowa is uglier so there’s that.

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Story 3:  Could the Pandemic End Snow Days Forever?

As a kid, there’s nothing more incredible than getting a random snow day off of school.  It’s like winning the lottery.

But snow days might be a thing of the past.

An expert from the “Today” show thinks that the pandemic might mean the end of snow days FOREVER.

Why?  This era has proven that remote learning is possible . . . and both teachers and students are figuring out ways to make it work.

So once schools are fully back, if there’s ever a situation where there’d normally be a snow day, kids could still stay home . . . but they’ll just have to hop onto Zoom like they do now to have a full day of class.  Sorry, kids.

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Survey Says:  Win a Raising Canes Box Combo Meal AND a Kearney Cinema 8 Movie Pass!

According to a recent survey, THIS is the top daily (nightly) activity we do exactly the same every day (night).

Answer:  Sleep on the same side of the bed.  Go here for more.

The Moore Yooou Knoooow:  Random Facts to Feed Your Brain!

  1. Only one person has been a U.S. senator after being president. Andrew Johnson was elected a senator by Tennessee six years after his term ended.
  1. The Chicago Bulls drafted Carl Lewis in 1984 with the 208th pick . . . which was 205 picks after they drafted Michael Jordan the same year. But Lewis decided to stick with track and field.
  1. Pez was originally marketed as a sophisticated, healthy candy for adults when it came out in America in 1953. Within two years they became a candy for kids with a toy as the dispenser.
  1. During the filming of “Rocky”, Sylvester Stallone broke his ribs and Carl Weathers got a broken nose . . . which is the opposite of the movie, where Rocky has a broken nose and Apollo Creed has broken ribs.
  1. Before penicillin, the best available cure for syphilis was . . . intentionally giving someone malaria. It would cause such a high fever that it could kill off the bacteria causing syphilis.  Of course, it could also potentially kill the person, but whatever.

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