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TODAY’S BLOG — Coronavirus Insanity: Deodorant sales are down, a guy is busted for buying a Lamborghini with PPP funds, and more … The weirdest town name in all 50 states … The “world’s most identical twins” share a boyfriend and want him to get them both pregnant at the same time …

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Story 1:  Coronavirus Insanity: Deodorant Sales Are Down, a Guy Is Busted for Buying a Lamborghini with PPP Funds, and More

Here’s a fresh round-up of coronavirus insanity . . .

1.  Body odor isn’t a big deal if you’re never around other people, right?  Deodorant sales are down during the pandemic according to Unilever, which makes brands like Dove and Axe.

2.  A guy in Florida has been charged with fraud after he got $3.9 million in PPP loans . . . and used the money to buy things like a Lamborghini.

3.  The Butler County Fair in Ohio is recommending everyone “stay one cow apart” for social distancing.

4.  Google has announced it will keep its employees working remotely until at least a YEAR from now . . . July of 2021.  

5.  The police in Miami, Florida are setting up “mask traps” to catch people not wearing masks, and then fining them $100.

6.  A goat was arrested in Kanpur, India for not wearing a mask.

7.  Robert O’Brien, the president’s national security advisor, has tested positive for coronavirus.  He’s the highest-ranking official to test positive so far.

Story 2:  The Weirdest Town Name in All 50 States

Someone spent some serious time and found the weirdest TOWN NAME in all 50 states.  Here are some of our favorites . . .

  1. Booger Hollow, Arkansas . . . and Booger Hole, West Virginia.
  2. Number Eight, Missouri . . . and Ninety Six, South Carolina.
  3. Paint Lick, Kentucky.
  4. Accident, Maryland.
  5. Satan’s Kingdom, Massachusetts.
  6. Dummer, New Hampshire.
  7. Handsome Eddy, New York.
  8. The founders of these three must not have been impressed: Dull, Ohio . . . Boring, Oregon . . . and Bland, Virginia.
  9. Some random sounds also made the list: Eek, Alaska . . . What Cheer, Iowa . . . Zap, North Dakota . . . and Ding Dong, Texas.
  10. Lots of animal names: Frog Eye, Alabama . . . Catfish Paradise, Arizona . . . Flea Hill, Delaware . . . Chicken Bristle, Illinois . . . Elephant Butte, New Mexico . . . Plenty Bears, South Dakota . . . Mosquitoville, Vermont . . . and Worms, Nebraska.

Go here for more.

Story 3:  The “World’s Most Identical Twins” Share a Boyfriend and Want Him to Get Them Both Pregnant at the Same Time

What’s important here is that this all sounds totally normal.

34-year-old Anna and Lucy DeCinque of Perth, Australia are identical twins . . . in fact, they were named the “world’s most identical twins” at a festival.  And they REALLY take that seriously.

They refuse to be more than a few feet apart, dress alike, share a job, have the same plastic surgery, eat exactly the same number of calories, exercise the same amount of time, and even use the toilet at the same time.

And . . . they share the same boyfriend.  He’s a 39-year-old guy named Ben Byrne, and they say he, quote, “understands our bond.”

So now . . . they want him to get them both PREGNANT at the same time.

They’re not totally sure how that’s going to be possible, and they’re thinking it might require IVF . . . but that’s the plan.  Quote, “We want to experience pregnancy together.”

Go here for a photo of Ben and the twins.
Go here for more.

Survey Says:  Win a Raising Canes Box Combo Meal AND a Kearney Cinema 8 Movie Pass!

According to a recent survey, more than three out of five people say they want to keep having the option to do THIS, even once the pandemic is over.

Answer:  Work from home.  |  Go here for more.

The Moore Yooou Knoooow:  Random Facts to Feed Your Brain!

  1. The original reels of “Gone with the Wind”, “The Wizard of Oz”, and many other classic movies and TV shows are stored in an underground salt mine in Kansas.
  1. Young rabbits, pandas, and many other animals instinctively eat their mother’s feces . . . because it contains bacteria they need to properly digest vegetation.
  1. Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple wasn’t invented in Hawaii. It was invented by a guy named Sam Panopoulos in Ontario, Canada in 1962.
  1. GEICO came up with its gecko mascot in 1999 when there was a Screen Actors Guild strike that kept them from using live actors.
  1. “Veto” is a Latin word that means “I forbid.”

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