Reidos Blog A Hike I won’t ever do to Mt. Everest Base Camp

A I am fascinated with those who climb Everest and the amount of time and work to prepare for a climb to the summit. Unfortunately, too many people are now attempting this trek with little experience in mountain climbing. With that said I always thought for the majority of people out there the trek just to base camp 1 would be excruciating hike at best.

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Reido Video Blog – Drone Fails

Drones are becoming more common and with anything electronic and operated from a distance there is always going to be operator error. Here are some brilliant fails! REIDO ON TWITTER Tweets by @ReidoHits106 REIDO ON FACEBOOKread more »


Covid Virtual Roadtrip to Chill at Bora Bora

Yep this does take vacation to the next level and just plain mean to even share this at this current ongoing freaking pandemic. But if I could teleport now….I am gone. Need a reset and this would be the place right now!   REIDO ON TWITTER Tweets by @ReidoHits106 REIDO ON FACEBOOKread more »


Reido Vlog What is your Gas Station Order!

Here’s a term you may not have heard before but you’ve definitely experienced before. When you’re on a road trip and you stop for gas and some snacks, the random junk food you buy is called your “gas station order.” Info from Delish And people are sharing their gas station orders on¬†TikTok¬†right now like .…read more »

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Reido Blog We buy some weird stuff in the USA

From Zippa: Here’s What Each State Disproportionately Buys What’s happening in Indiana that they need so much HUMAN BLOOD on hand? A new study looked at the products every state imports to figure out what stuff each state is disproportionately buying. Some of them make perfect sense, like Hawaii buying SPAM and Nevada importing huge…read more »



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