TMC Show Highlights… Tuesday 7-7-20

TODAY’S BLOG — The most popular drinking activity during the pandemic … A father-son arm wrestling match turns into an eight-hour armed police standoff … A guy who slashes women’s tires to try to meet them is busted, when he does it to the same woman twice …

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Story 1:  The Most Popular Drinking Activity During the Pandemic Is . . . Watching TV

Getting drunk on your couch is more popular than ever . . . because what choice do you have?

The alcohol app Drizly asked users about different activities, and how many they’ve done WHILE drinking since the virus hit.  And boozing in front of the TV is the most popular by far.  Here are the top five . . .

  1. While watching TV or a movie. 93% said they’ve done it since mid-March.
  2. During a Zoom call or virtual happy hour with friends and family, 69%.
  3. While you were just hanging out, 63%.
  4. While cooking or eating, 56%.
  5. To celebrate a special occasion, 43%.

It looks like at-home drinking might be the trend for the rest of 2020 too.  Less than 1 in 5 drinkers said they plan to go to bars as much or more than they did before the lockdown started.  The vast majority said they’ll go less. 

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Story 2:  A Father-Son Arm Wrestling Match Turns Into an Eight-Hour Armed Police Standoff

Never underestimate the power of being DRUNK and COMPETITIVE.

A 55-year-old guy named Curtis Zimmerman in Florence, Kentucky was drunk on Sunday night and decided to arm wrestle his son.  We don’t know the son’s age, just that he’s under 18.

Well, the kid beat his dad at arm wrestling.  And Curtis was so angry they started fighting for real . . . and then Curtis grabbed his gun and fired two shots into the ceiling while his son was upstairs.

The cops went out to the house around 1:00 A.M. yesterday morning . . . and got into an EIGHT-HOUR standoff with Curtis before he finally surrendered.

He’s been charged with wanton endangerment.

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Story 3:  A Guy Who Slashes Women’s Tires to Try to Meet Them Is Busted . . . When He Does It to the Same Woman Twice

This guy has a HORRIBLE pickup technique . . . and apparently a pretty bad memory too.

There’s a 32-year-old guy named Yoshito Harda in Aichi, Japan.  And his way of trying to meet women is . . . slashing their tires, then driving up and offering to help them out when they get back to their cars.

He pulled that move on a 43-year-old woman while she was grocery shopping a few weeks ago.  And she thought it was suspicious . . . because the EXACT SAME THING happened to her one year earlier.

Yep . . . apparently Yoshito had already tried the “tire slash and rescue” move on this woman and forgot.

She reported it to the police, and they tracked down Yoshito.  It turns out he’s been busted for this at least two times before . . . and his lawyer admitted he’s probably pulled the move around 1,000 TIMES.

Oh . . . and he’s clearly failed every one of those times, because he’s still single.

He’s facing several charges.

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Since the quarantine began, 28% of us can’t remember the last time we put on THIS.

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The Moore Yooou Knoooow:  Random Facts to Feed Your Brain!

  1. Hot Pockets were called Chunk Stuffers when they debuted in the 1970s.
  1. You can still buy Blockbuster stock. It’s now a penny stock that trades under the stock symbol BLIAQ, which stands for BB Liquidating.
  1. Your eardrums rupture at 150 decibels . . . slightly louder than a jet engine going off right next to you. Your lungs would rupture at 200 decibels . . . but it’s impossible for a sound to be louder than 194 decibels, because the air breaks down the sound waves.
  1. The first canceled show to get an Emmy nomination was “Drive” in 2007. It was a show about a cross-country car race on Fox that was canceled after four episodes, and it was nominated for Outstanding Visual Effects.
  1. The phrase “seven-year itch” used to describe SCABIES . . . because back before they could be treated, they lasted for seven years. It became a metaphor for a situation with no hope for relief, including boring marriages. 

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