C-19 A road trip that probably won’t happen-Mongolia

We maybe opening up but travel still restricted in many areas. This would probably be a road trip I will not be taking although I would love too. Mongolia!

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Disinfectant Spray and Concerts

In our new reality would you enter through a disinfectant spray in order to attend a concert? A large number of you would. Reido has another twist on it if the spray was say scented?” What’s Trending with Reido https://c1.futuripost.com/kqky/streamon-perm/kqky-1499-advanced.mp4 REIDO ON TWITTER Tweets by @ReidoHits106 REIDO ON FACEBOOKread more »


Reido and the Night of the Twisters 40 Years ago

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the night of twisters that hit Grand Island on June 3rd 1980. Then I was a 19 year old working for a local Gutter and Downpipe Construction company. I had been working that Monday and Tuesday of that week having stayed at the then Erin Hotel on West 2nd…read more »


What’s Trending with Reido – How many excuses we make in a day.

The average person comes up with six excuses a day to avoid doing stuff, according to a new study.  Our top go-to excuses include, “I’m too tired” . . . “I don’t have enough time” . . . and “I forgot.” And here are the things we provide excuses for. https://c1.futuripost.com/kqky/streamon-perm/KQKY-48k-pl-1389.mp4 REIDO ON TWITTER Tweets…read more »



While we work through this pandemic and hopefully get to a new normal soon, until then we continue our virtual road trip and another fascinating Nebraska Fossil Bed something our state is well known for. Today it is another NET video trip to Agate Fossil Beds in northern Nebraska. AGATE FOSSIL BEDS – NET REIDO…read more »


C-19 Virtual Nebraska Roadtrip

With some travel restrictions still in play during this pandemic I am going on some virtual journeys around the world while we wait this thing out. Slowly some rules are being lifted but travel somewhat limited so instead a You Tube road trip this time closer to home. A Nebraska Roadtrip, some of these places…read more »


C-19 Virtual Roadtrip to Machu Picchu

As this pandemic continues to keep us home and travel not a luxury I am punching more and more virtual tickets on You Tube and traveling through others to places I would like to Go. So today another bucket list trip to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. Some of you have be…read more »



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