C-19 Virtual Flight of Luxury

So my blogs of late have been roadtrips to places around the world and since travel is not recommended we are doing it virtually. So today I am heading out of a virtual trip of luxury on an Emirates 380 flight from Dubai to Amsterdam. This will always be a virtual trip because I along with most can’t afford this kind of plane flight. I have flown on a Qantas 380 from Dallas to Sydney and return but I was in cattle class! Still a great flight! With these expensive First Class flights with seats that flatten out as a bed….why would you sleep and not enjoy all the glitz and glamour that comes with a flight as this. So we hope aboard and live virtually via the Luxury Travel Expert!

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Reidos Vlog Cheese Glorious Cheese

Another Reido Vlog – The top cheese searches on the Google interwebs from each State or the top searches for types of cheese. What is Nebraska’s top cheese search? REIDO ON TWITTER Tweets by @ReidoHits106 REIDO ON FACEBOOKread more »


Reido Video Blog Virtual Drone Tour of Alaska

Alaska is on my bucket list to visit or a least part of the big state. I would really like to drive the Great Alaskan highway through Canada as part of the journey. I have known people who have done this and would highly recommend that I do. That would be a 6 week vacation….hmmmm…read more »


Reido Blog Drone Video of the Hometown

I actually claim a few towns as hometowns since the fam moved a bit as a kid. The City of Perth in Western Australia is my birthplace and we did live here for a few years in the 1960’s and I went to Boarding School (Hale School for Boys) in the 1970’s. The is a…read more »


Reido Blog Drone over Grand Canyon

My interweb getaway are drone videos on You Tube. Being a Geography bloke I like the visual you get with drones and a whole new perspective of the layout of the land. Today it is the Grand Canyon. A place I have visited but not in this way!   REIDO ON TWITTER Tweets by @ReidoHits106…read more »


Reido Blog Drone over New Zealand

I enjoy watching drone videos over scenic landscapes as you often get a slow mo perspective that you otherwise would never see. About the closest you get to flying with no assistance from machinery or equipment. Since we are still in a limited travel period with damn covid it is another virtual reality C-19 roadtrip…read more »



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