TMC Show Highlights… Tuesday 3-24-20

TMC Show Highlights… Tuesday 3-24-20

Coronavirus Insanity: Comfort foods, excited dogs, drone love, and more … The 12 shows Netflix recommends you watch while quarantined … Eight foods people pronounce differently …

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Coronavirus Insanity: Comfort foods, excited dogs, drone love, and more…

Here are a few more NOT-so-serious stories we’ve seen about the coronavirus outbreak . . .

  1. People are looking to food to get them through these difficult times . . . and NOT healthy stuff. Comfort foods like Oreos and mac and cheese are selling well while things like kale are not.

  2. A dog in the U.K. was so excited his owner is home all the time that he sprained his tail from wagging it so much.

  3. A guy in Brooklyn, New York used a drone to deliver his phone number to a woman he saw across the street and she wound up texting him.

  4. A store in Denmark has figured out a way to stop hand sanitizer hoarding: Your first bottle costs $5.75 . . . any additional bottles cost $143.

  5. Unsurprisingly, coronavirus-themed porn is getting more and more popular.

The 12 shows Netflix recommends you watch while quarantined… 

With all the data Netflix has on us, you’d THINK that their “recommendations” would be better . . . but usually, it’s just a bunch of stuff that THEY want to boost the numbers on. 

That’s probably the case with this, too . . . but here it is anyway: 

Netflix Tweeted a list of “really excellent shows” people should watch while quarantined.  They’re all their own originals . . . and not their most popular stuff like “Stranger Things”, “Locke & Key”, and “The Witcher”

Instead, Netflix says they’re, quote, “shows you might have missed the first time around.”  

Here’s the list, in the order they put them: 

1.  “Styling Hollywood” . . . It’s a fashion reality show, starring celebrity stylist Jason Bolden and his husband, interior designer Adair Curtis. 

2.  “EastSiders” . . . A dark comedy about a gay couple, as they struggle with infidelity and substance abuse. 

3.  “Top Boy” . . . A British crime drama, which, oddly, is executive produced by Drake.  It’s about drugs and gangs, and it’s sort of a British version of “The Wire”

4.  “The Hookup Plan” . . . A French comedy about a woman who dates a male escort to boost her confidence after having trouble getting over an ex. 

5.  “Bonding” . . . A dark comedy about a female psychology student, who’s moonlighting as a dominatrix. 

6.  “Medical Police” . . . It’s a spin-off of “Children’s Hospital”, and a parody of international spy thrillers. 

7.  “Ragnarok” . . . It doesn’t have anything to do with Thor.  It’s a Norwegian fantasy drama about a town, which has climate change issues due to factories. 

8.  “American Vandal” . . . A mockumentary parody of true crime shows like “Making a Murderer”.  Netflix loved this one SO much that they canceled it after two seasons, infuriating its fans. 

9.  “Easy” . . . It’s a comedy-drama about people living in Chicago who are dealing with issues involving “love, relationships, and general knowledge.” 

10.  “I Think You Should Leave” . . . A sketch comedy show with guest stars like: Cecily Strong, Will Forte, Andy Samberg, and Fred Willard

11.  “The House of Flowers” . . . It’s a Mexican black comedy about a dysfunctional upper-class Mexican family that owns a prestigious flower shop. 

12.  “Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts” . . . An all-ages animated show similar to “The Wizard of Oz”, about a 13-year-old girl, who’s searching for her father with her friends.

Go here for more.

Do you pronounce these eight foods like other people do?

A recent survey asked people about various foods, and how they pronounce them.  Here are eight examples.  Let’s see if you’re in the majority or not when it comes to how they’re pronounced . . .

  1. Caramel: CAR-muhl . . . or CARE-uh-mel?  65% of people say CARE-uh-mel.

  2. Bagel: BAY-gull . . . or BAG-ull?  9% of us say BAG-ull.

  3. Salmon: SAM-uhn . . . or SAL-muhn?  19% pronounce the “L”.

  4. Pecan: PEE-can . . . or puh-KAHN?  The winner is PEE-can with 68% of the vote.

  5. Jalapeño: Halla-PEEN-yo . . . or halla-PEN-yo?  That one’s closer than we expected.  40% of people say halla-PEN-yo.

  6. Espresso: ESS-presso . . . or EX-presso?  16% say EX, even though it’s wrong.

  7. Crêpe: Krep . . . or krayp?  64% pronounce it with a hard “Y” sound . . . krayp.

  8. Syrup: SIR-up . . . or SEER-up?  It’s a tie.  Both got 50% of the vote.

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According to a new survey, HALF of people say they believe THIS will make first contact with the Earth within the next 50 years.

Answer:  Aliens.  |  Go here for more.

More results . . .

22% of people are pretty sure that “contact” will come in the form of an invasion.

The survey also found 71% of people who think aliens will make contact believe they’ve already visited Earth in secret at some point . . . and 75% believe governments are covering it up.

So what would you do if aliens DID show up?  46% would join a resistance to fight them . . . and 29% would want to try to peacefully greet them.

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. The average human body temperature is dropping about 0.05 degrees every decade. It may be a result of modern medicine getting better, which has reduced the average levels of inflammation.
  1. The highest and lowest point in the continental United States are in the same county. Inyo County, California has Mount Whitney and the Badwater Basin in Death Valley.
  1. Pro athletes can write off any fines they get from their leagues as tax deductions.
  1. “Meet the Parents” was actually a remake of a small independent film from 1992 that was also called “Meet the Parents”. It had a similar plot . . . but very few people saw it when it was released.
  1. The USDA regulates the fruit breakdown in fruit cocktail. It must be 30% to 50% diced peaches . . . 25% to 45% diced pears . . . 6% to 16% diced pineapple . . . 6% to 20% whole grapes . . . and only a few cherries.