TMC Show Highlights… Thursday 2-13-20

TMC Show Highlights… Thursday 2-13-20

A woman is fined for feeding deer inside her house … A salon manager gave her boss a kidney, so he gave her the store … KFC just made chicken-scented Crocs with drumsticks on top … A guy gets a drunk driving charge dismissed by writing and performing an original song …

Contests on the show…

A woman is fined for feeding deer inside her house…

A woman in Colorado was fined for luring deer into her house and then feeding them stuff like bread, carrots, apples, and bananas.  She posted clips of herself doing it, and that’s how she got caught.  Here’s a video of her feeding them.

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A salon manager gave her boss a kidney, so he gave her the store…

We’ve seen a million stories about donating kidneys.  And people always say helping someone was the only reward they needed.  But THIS ain’t bad . . .

Acia Williams has been the manager of a salon in D.C. for about eight years.  (Her name is pronounced Ay-SEE-uh.)

Back in 2018, she found out the owner of the salon needed a new kidney.  So she got tested, and it turned out she was a match.

His name is Chet Bennett.  And the surgery went great.  It happened last April, and they’ve both fully recovered.

Now they’re in the news because Chet decided to pay Acia back . . . by giving her the SALON.

After the surgery, they were both staying at Chet’s place, so his family could help take care of them.  And one day, he looked at her and said the shop was HERS.

It just re-opened this past Monday under the name “A New Image by Acia.”  Chet owns a couple other salons, plus a beauty school.  So he’ll be fine.  He says he’ll never be able to thank her enough, and giving her the salon was the least he could do.

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KFC just made chicken-scented Crocs with drumsticks on top…

KFC just teamed up with Crocs to make a special line of shoes.  The soles look like a KFC bucket . . . there are pictures of fried chicken printed on the shoes . . . and there’s a fake DRUMSTICK attached to the top of both shoes.

Oh, and they’re CHICKEN-SCENTED.

If you’re interested, the shoes will be released sometime this spring, and you can sign up now on to get an alert as soon as they go on sale.  They’re going to cost $60.

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A guy gets a drunk driving charge dismissed by writing and performing an original song…

I guess there’s less of a difference between “American Idol” judges and actual judges than we thought.

An 18-year-old guy named Alexander Grant from North Dunedin, New Zealand was pulled over back in August for driving drunk.  His blood-alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit.

Well, Alexander is a musician.  And after he completed a rehab and education program, the judge delayed his sentencing . . . because Alexander proposed writing a SONG about what he’d learned.

He created a song called “Choices”, and when he played it in court this week, it was good enough . . . and heartfelt enough . . . that the prosecutor and judge both decided the charges should be dismissed.

The judge said, quote, “I’m not minimizing drunk driving” . . . but the song made it clear it was, quote, “a one-off error in judgment . . . and you have learned your lesson [and] exceeded my expectations.”

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Survey Says?! Win a Raising Canes Box Combo Meal and a Kearney Cinema 8 Movie Pass…

According to a recent survey, THIS ‘technological leap’ changed your life the MOST last decade.

Answer:  High-speed Internet.  |  Go here for more.

More results . . .

The average broadband speed in 2010 was about four megabits a second . . . now it’s more like 100 in most areas.  And phones are WAY faster than they were back then.

Online shopping ranked second in the poll, because people get everything on Amazon now.  And streaming services like Netflix ranked third.  Here are five more stats on how tech has changed our lives over the last decade . . .

  1. The top three ways high-speed internet has changed our lives are by allowing us to stream movies and shows . . . to play video games online . . . and to make video calls.
  1. Almost half of people say that in the last five years, their phone has become more useful than their computer.
  1. Amazon is by far the most popular online shopping site now, with 93% of the vote. eBay is next with 5%, then Walmart with 1%.
  1. Netflix is the most popular streaming service, followed by YouTube and Amazon.
  1. The most-used device in our house that connects to the internet isn’t our computer . . . it’s our TV with 48% of the vote.

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. One of the most popular slang terms in the 1800s was “My name is Haines” . . . which you’d say if you wanted to quickly end a conversation or leave a room.
  1. Every baseball that’s used in the major and minor leagues is rubbed with special mud from New Jersey before it’s shipped or used in a game.
  1. Italy, Germany, and England call syphilis “French disease” . . . Russia calls it “Polish disease” . . . Poland calls it “German disease” . . . Denmark and Portugal call it “Spanish disease” . . . and Turkey calls it “Christian disease.”
  1. The screenwriter who wrote “Cast Away” spent a week alone on a deserted island for research. A volleyball washed up on the shore, which is where he got the idea for Wilson.
  1. The first woman to get a Ph.D. in the United States was named Helen Magill White. She got her doctorate in Greek from Boston University in 1877.