TMC Show Highlights… Tuesday, December 3

TMC Show Highlights… Tuesday, December 3

“Decade of Pop – 100 Song Mashup” by DJ Earworm … It’s Giving Tuesday! 10 stats on how and why we donate … Is there French Fry shortage? … Papa John’s has introduced an “American Hot Dog Pizza” overseas …

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“Decade of Pop – 100 Song Mashup” by DJ Earworm…

It’s Giving Tuesday! Here are 10 stats on how and why we donate…

Today is Giving Tuesday.  And apparently those fundraisers people do on Facebook really do work.  A new survey found requests from friends and family are the #1 thing that get us to donate to a cause.

39% of us have donated because someone we knew asked us to.  And 19% said they’ve specifically donated to a social media fundraiser.  Here are a few more random stats for Giving Tuesday . . .

  1. 95% of us have donated time or money to a charity at some point in our lives.

  2. 88% of parents actively encourage their kids to be generous and donate.

  3. Being on the receiving end of a good deed makes you 20% more likely to DO a good deed and pay it forward.

  4. 23% of us donate less than $100 to charity each year. 28% donate between $100 and $500 . . . 10% donate between $500 and $1,000 . . . and 13% give more than that.  Also, 83% of people wish they could give more than they currently do.

  5. In any given year, about 30% of annual giving happens in the month of December. And 70% of us feel guilty if we don’t donate at least something during the holidays.

  6. Charities that help kids are our favorite groups to donate to. Followed by groups that help women . . . the environment . . . and animals.

  7. Once we find a cause we like, we tend to stick with it. 90% of people who donated for Giving Tuesday last year plan to give to the same cause again this year.

  8. 34% of people admit peer pressure plays a role in giving, and they’re more likely to donate to a cause if they’re asked in front of other people.

  9. Just over 10% of us have LIED about donating when we didn’t. And 31% of those people admit they did it to impress someone.

  10. 93% of people think of themselves as “generous.” And 54% think they’re more generous than their friends are.

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Local ‘Giving Tuesday’ causes…

Could we be staring down a French Fry shortage after a bad potato harvest?

Everyone has a breaking point when it comes to climate change, and this just might be it for a LOT of people.

There’s speculation right now that we could have a FRENCH FRY SHORTAGE in this country after the unseasonably cold, wet weather damaged potato crops in Idaho, North Dakota, Minnesota, and some parts of Canada.

That most likely means fewer potatoes . . . and higher prices as a result.

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Papa John’s has introduced an “American Hot Dog Pizza” overseas…

In other countries, Papa John’s apparently goes CRAZY with its pizzas.  Over here, we only have Papa John himself going crazy.

Papa John’s in South Korea just introduced a new product called the American Hot Dog Pizza.  And the pizza has whole hot dogs, chili salsa sauce, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese sauce, Dijon mustard sauce, and pickle relish on it.

As far as we know, they’re not going to introduce it over here.

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Survey Says?! Win Kearney Cinema 8!

The average American does five good deeds a month, according to a new poll for Giving Tuesday.  65% of people said they do THIS good deed.

Answer:  Holding the door open for a stranger.  |  Go here for more.

More results . . .

A new survey for Giving Tuesday found the average American does five good deeds a month.  And the most common small act of kindness we’ve done is giving someone directions.  Two-thirds of us have done it at least once in our life.

Here are the ten most common good deeds we do . . .

  1. Giving someone directions. 66% have done it.
  2. Holding a door for a stranger, 65%.
  3. Letting someone with fewer items cut in line at the store, 60%.
  4. Helping someone cross the street, also 60%.
  5. Doing a chore or errand for a family member or friend, 56%.
  6. Adding a small donation to charity when you check out at the store, again 56%.
  7. Donating clothes to a thrift store, 55%.
  8. Helping someone carry their groceries, also 55%.
  9. Returning a lost item, also 55%.
  10. Paying for a stranger’s meal. 53% of people said they’ve done it.

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. Krispy Kreme’s most profitable location out of its 1,300 stores is in Dublin, Ireland. It pulls in around $330,000 per week in revenue.
  1. A pitcher named Hoyt Wilhelm made his Major League Baseball debut in 1952, and hit a home run in his first at-bat. He played for 20 more years, had a total of over 400 at-bats . . . and NEVER hit another homer.
  1. Hooters got its name from a Steve Martin comedy routine, where he said “I believe it’s derogatory to refer to a woman’s breasts as boobs, jugs, Winnebagos, or golden bozos. And you should only refer to them as hooters.”
  1. The only capital city in the world that has a border with two countries is Bratislava, Slovakia. It borders Austria and Hungary.
  1. The first cereal that offered kids a prize was Kellogg’s Corn Flakes in 1909. People who bought two boxes could send away for a book called “Funny Jungleland Moving Pictures”.