TMC Show Highlights… Wednesday, November 27

TMC Show Highlights… Wednesday, November 27

The world’s most expensive Thanksgiving dinner is $181,000 … Is white meat really healthier than dark meat? …

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The world’s most expensive Thanksgiving dinner is $181,000…

See, THIS is why people are going to riot over income inequality.  I’m out here driving to multiple grocery stores to save eight cents a pound on turkey . . . while other people are doing THIS.

The Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City is serving the world’s most expensive Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night . . . for $181,000.  So what do you get for that price?

  1. Two gold-painted, gold-dusted, and gold-flaked free range turkeys.
  1. $1,200-a-pound Spanish bacon on top of candied sweet potatoes.
  1. $300-a-pound white cheddar cheese from the U.K.
  1. Gravy infused with a $3,650 bottle of Louis the Thirteenth cognac.
  1. Cranberry sauce featuring $250-per-dozen Japanese strawberries.
  1. A seafood stuffing made with lobster and $1,600-per-ounce caviar.
  1. Asparagus seasoned with $91-per-ounce Korean salt.
  1. Potatoes made with $850-a-pound European cheese, $150-an-ounce French butter, and $1,000-per-ounce truffles.
  1. Lots of expensive wines and champagnes.
  1. And a $50,000 seven-day yacht cruise afterwards, plus a $20,000 Black Friday shopping spree and four tickets to the Super Bowl.

The dinner serves up to 12 people . . . and the restaurant confirmed someone HAS bought the package.

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Is white meat really healthier than dark meat?

A recent survey found 50% of people like white meat . . . 32% prefer dark . . . and everyone else isn’t sure, or doesn’t eat turkey.  Now here’s a follow-up question:  Is white meat really healthier?

A lot of people think it is, because it’s not as fatty.  But that’s only half the story.

Dark meat DOES have more fat.  But it’s also higher in certain nutrients, like iron, zinc, selenium, and B vitamins.

There’s also not a huge difference in calories.  Any three-ounce cut of meat from a turkey has 160 to 190 calories.  So we’re only talking about a 30-calorie difference.

The real thing to pay attention to is how MUCH you eat.  Because if you’re going back for seconds or thirds, it’s unhealthy no matter what.

Also, the true calorie bombs at Thanksgiving are the side dishes.  One serving of mashed potatoes is about 240 calories . . . stuffing, 195 . . . green bean casserole, 225 . . . and pumpkin pie, 280 calories per slice.  Or more if you add whipped cream.

In other words, you’re better off eating more turkey and fewer sides.  And don’t worry too much about white meat vs. dark.  Just eat what you like, and don’t overdo it.

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Whatchamacallit Wednesday… Win Amigos!

Whatchamacall a reptile that is of the order Testudines characterized by a special bony or cartilaginous shell developed from their ribs and acting as a shield? The order Testudines includes both extant and extinct species.   

A.  Turtle
B.  Cat
C.  Jeffrey Epstein

Answer:  A. Turtle.  |  Today is Turtle Adoption Day.  |  Go here or more.

Survey Says?! Win Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8!

A new survey asked people to only choose the ONE thing they’re most thankful for. The majority of people said THIS.

Answer:  Family.  |  Go here for more.

More results . . .

  1. Family, 58%.
  1. Health, 22%.
  1. Friends, 6%.
  1. Career, 2%.
  1. Something else, 5%.

And this isn’t really surprising, but people get more grateful for their health . . . and less grateful for their friends . . . as they get older.

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. There are now about 1.71 billion websites . . . but only about 200 million are actually active. The rest are mainly parked domains.
  1. 90% of the people in the world live in the Northern Hemisphere.
  1. Emil Jannings won Best Actor at the first Oscars in 1929 . . . but he actually came in second in the voting to Rin Tin Tin. Yeah . . . the dog.  The Academy wanted to make sure people took them seriously, so they gave Jannings the Oscar.
  1. The average height in the NBA has gone up about four inches since the league started in the late ’40s. It started at 6-foot-3, and now it’s 6-foot-7.
  1. “Sushi” means “sour rice” in Japanese . . . because the Japanese believed the most important ingredient is the rice, not the fish.