TMC Show Highlights… Friday, November 15

TMC Show Highlights… Friday, November 15

New Music Friday — “Everything I Wanted” … Five common recycling myths for national recycling day … The makeup samplers at stores are covered in STDs … Someone demanded an Airbnb refund because they were promised a friendly ghost, and the ghost was mean …

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New Music Friday — “Everything I wanted” by Billie Eilish…

Five common recycling myths for national recycling day…

Today is National Recycling Day.  Here are five common MYTHS about recycling . . .

  1. “You can put electronics in the recycling bin.” No.  The lithium ion batteries in smartphones and other electronics can explode and catch on fire.  You CAN recycle electronics, but they must go to a specialty facility that knows how to handle them.

  2. “Plastic bags are recyclable.” This one is a little complicated, but ultimately it comes down to the fact that recycling facilities just don’t want them because they’re difficult to separate from other recyclables, and can clog up the equipment.

    But keep in mind, that’s only for traditional plastic shopping bags.  Other types of plastic bags like sandwich bags and one gallon freezer bags CAN be recycled, as long as you snip the zipper off first.
  1. “Separating trash from recyclables isn’t important.” Just like with plastic bags, garbage can also clog up the recycling equipment, so it IS important to separate trash and recyclables.

  2. “An item can only be recycled once.” It’s true that plastic has a fairly short recycling life, but glass and metals like aluminum cans can be recycled over and over.

  3. “Stuff you recycle must be in good condition.” A common myth is that you can’t recycle a soda can if you crush it.  But most recyclables just get melted or compressed into pellets at the recycling center anyway, so it’s fine.

The one exception is broken glass, but only because it can be dangerous for the people who collect your recyclables.

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The makeup samplers at stores are covered in STDs…

Before you try out some lipstick or eye shadow from the makeup counter at a store, just remember this:  That would be a real bummer of a way to catch an STD.

A team from the NBC affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina took department store makeup samplers to a lab to have them tested.  They grabbed 10 different types of makeup, including lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, and blush.

And the lab found the makeup was covered in things like mold . . . E.coli bacteria . . . staph and MRSA infections . . . and herpes.

That’s right.  The doctor who ran the test says, quote, “Even sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted by sharing makeup.”

So should you EVER trust the samplers?  Quote, “[If] you were the first customer and they have just opened up a brand-new sample.  But beyond the first person, no.”

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Someone demanded an Airbnb refund because they were promised a friendly ghost, and the ghost was mean…

The CEO of Airbnb recently spoke at a conference and he shared the STRANGEST customer complaint he’s ever heard.  And you know it’s gotta be good, because you can imagine all the complaints they get.

He says a customer once called and demanded a full refund, quote, “Because the house is haunted and there’s a ghost in the house.”

But the ghost just being there wasn’t why they wanted the refund.  No, they wanted a refund because the Airbnb listing promised the house was haunted by, quote, “a friendly ghost named Stanley” . . . but Stanley wasn’t being friendly to these people.

Quote, “We know about Stanley, that’s why we booked it.  But Stanley has been harassing us all night.”

There’s no word on whether Airbnb wound up giving the customers their refund or not.

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Survey Says?! Win Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8!

A new survey looked at extra expenses we have around the holidays, and what it all costs. The average person will spend $270 on THIS.

Answer:  Gifts.  |  Go here for more.

More results . . .

Here are ten holiday expenses and the average cost of each one . . .

  1. Gifts for family and friends, $270.
  2. Holiday food and drinks at home, $117.
  3. Food and drinks at restaurants, $98.
  4. New clothes and beauty items, $71.
  5. Holiday entertainment, $68.
  6. Extra childcare or babysitting hours, $30.
  7. Decorations, $46.
  8. A Christmas tree, $34.
  9. Money spent on a house cleaner or cleaning supplies, $30.
  10. Buying things for a guest room, $25.

The survey also found that the average person who DOESN’T stick to their budget will overspend by a whopping $489.

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. Almost every case that goes to court in Japan ends in a guilty verdict . . . the country has a 99.9% conviction rate.
  1. A few years before Samuel Morse invented Morse Code, he ran for mayor of New York using the campaign slogan “No Immigrants. No Catholics.”  He lost the election.
  1. Goldfish were originally green, and orange ones had rare mutations. But those were more popular in China, so they bred the orange goldfish together.
  1. John Belushi made the same amount of money for “Animal House” as the HORSE in the movie . . . they both got about $40,000.
  1. Quaker Oats wasn’t founded by Quakers and has never been involved with them in any way. They got the name because the company was founded in a part of Pennsylvania with a lot of Quakers back in 1901.