TMC Show Highlights… Thursday, November 14

TMC Show Highlights… Thursday, November 14

The five most stressful things we do around the holidays …Predictions for the trendiest baby names in 2020 … Christmas stockings filled Hidden Valley ranch … Turkey-flavored Pringles … Twinkies cereal …

Contests on the show…

The five most stressful things we do around the holidays…

49% of people in a new poll said the holidays are the most stressful time of year.  So what stresses us out the most?  Apparently it’s our LOVED ONES.

Here are the five most stressful situations we find ourselves in around the holidays.  And four of them have to do with friends or extended family . . .

  1. Having friends or family over for a party or a big dinner. 51% agree it’s stressful.
  2. Having friends or family stay with you, 45%.
  3. Traveling to see family or friends, also 45%.
  4. Going out to dinner with family or friends, 29%.
  5. Taking a vacation, 24%.

The most stressful part about hosting people during the holidays is cleaning.  And the most stressful part of traveling is making sure you don’t overspend.

So what are the things that would EASE some of our holiday stress?  The top five answers were a house cleaner . . . a private chef . . . a professional organizer . . . a decorator . . . and someone to do chores and run errands for us.

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Here are the predictions for the trendiest baby names in 2020…

Nothing says “trendy” like blindly following what other people are doing.

The baby name website Nameberry just put out a list of its predictions for the trendiest baby names in 2020.

Their picks are all names that had a big jump in popularity this year and look like they’re going to keep on growing.

For girls, the names are:  Adah . . . Reese . . . Mika . . . Paisley . . . Amina . . . Teagan . . . Nova . . . Aura . . . Pearl . . . and Billie.

For boys, the names are:  Austin . . . Alva . . . Acacius . . . Tate . . . Diego . . . Easton . . . Lucius . . . Cash . . . Ash . . . and Luca.

And for unisex names, the picks are:  Ellis . . . Phoenix . . . Remy . . . Marlowe . . . Shea . . . Zephyr . . . Darcy . . . Rowan . . . Quinn . . . and Emerson.

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Hidden Valley is selling a Christmas stocking filled ranch…

Here’s a Christmas gift for the person who TRULY has everything.  The people at Hidden Valley Ranch are taking preorders right now for a Christmas stocking that’s filled with RANCH DRESSING.

Seriously.  The stocking is made out of plastic and it’s got a spout on top.  It’s filled with 52 ounces of straight ranch dressing.  You can preorder it for $35 plus tax, and it’ll be delivered early next month.

Or, you know, just take a few bottles of ranch and dump them in someone’s stocking if you’re looking for a DIY solution.

Turkey-flavored Pringles are now on sale nationwide…

Last week, Pringles sold Thanksgiving meal kits . . . filled with chips that taste like turkey, duck, chicken, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.  And if you missed out, at least you can get one-sixth of the experience.

Pringles is now selling cans of Roasted Turkey-flavored chips nationwide.

And apparently, they taste just like a turkey that’s fresh out of the oven.  Delicious?

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Twinkies cereal is coming to stores next month…

So we’re just dropping ALL the pretense that breakfast cereal is part of balanced diet, huh?

Post Cereals and Hostess have teamed up to make a TWINKIES CEREAL . . . and it hits stores next month.

The cereal pieces look like tiny Twinkies and Post says they, quote, “replicate the distinct taste” of Twinkies too.

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Survey Says?! Win Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8!

94% of us will make THIS for Thanksgiving this year.

Answer:  Pie.  |  Go here for more.

More results . . .

59% of Americans say you should eat whatever you want on Thanksgiving, even if you’re on a diet.  94% of us will have pie this year, and 65% will drink alcohol.

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. Lobsters have to be cooked alive because they’re filled with toxic bacteria that multiply quickly after they die.
  1. In polo, it’s been illegal to hold your mallet in your left hand since 1974, because if two right handed people are charging at a ball from opposite directions, the horses won’t collide. But if a righty and lefty are, the horses will hit each other.
  1. Ebola is capitalized because it’s named after the Ebola River in Africa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  1. The first basketball was a soccer ball. When the game was first being played in the 1890s, that was the best option available.
  1. “Jerry Maguire” made $5.5 million during its fourth week in theaters in January of 1997 . . . and it was still the number one movie. No other movie has been number one with a box office total that low.