TMC Show Highlights… Thursday, October 10

TMC Show Highlights… Thursday, October 10

Halloween costumes people are searching for on Google … Two women are busted for cheating at church bingo … Nikes filled with holy water sell out immediately at $3,000-a-pair …

Contests on the show…

Here are the Halloween costumes people are Googling the most…

If you’re wondering what people are going to dress up as this Halloween, what better way to find out than to cyberstalk them?

Google just released a bunch of data on the Halloween costumes people have been searching for the most this year.

And the top 10 costumes are:  “IT” . . . witch . . . Spider-Man . . . dinosaur . . . Disney’s “Descendants” . . . clown . . . “Fortnite” . . . Chucky from “Child’s Play” . . . the ’80s . . . and unicorn.

Google also found the top five couples costumes, which are:  Lilo and Stitch . . . Bonnie and Clyde . . . Cosmo and Wanda from “The Fairly OddParents” . . . Adam and Eve . . . and Cheech and Chong.

The top five group costumes are:  Disney’s “Descendants” . . . “Fortnite” . . . “Stranger Things” . . . the ’80s . . . and “Toy Story”.

The top five dog costumes are:  Chucky . . . Ewok from “Star Wars” . . . spider . . . Pennywise from “IT” . . . and dinosaur.

And finally, the top five costumes for babies are:  Banana . . . Dalmatian . . . the Grinch . . . Pennywise from “IT” . . . and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from “Ghostbusters”.

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Two women are busted for cheating at church bingo…

Ooh, the bouncers outside of heaven aren’t gonna like this.

Two women from Camden, New Jersey were busted last week . . . for cheating during church Bingo night.

A church volunteer caught 71-year-old Teresa Davis and 38-year-old Keasha Brockington taping numbers onto their bingo cards to win the Bingo prize . . . which was a little under $200.

The church called the cops, and Teresa and Keasha were arrested for improper behavior.

A spokesperson from the church said it’s the first time they’ve had a cheating incident in the 20 years they’ve been running their Bingo game.

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Nikes filled with holy water sell out immediately at $3,000-a-pair…

Feeling like Jesus ain’t as cheap as it used to be.

A design company called MSCHF in Brooklyn just released a new limited-edition line of Nikes called “Jesus Shoes.”  And they’re filled with HOLY WATER.

The shoes are white ’97 Air Max Nikes with a crucifix weaved into the laces . . . frankincense-scented insoles . . . and turquoise-tinted holy water from the Jordan River injected into the see-through air bubble above the soles.

The shoes also have “MT 14:25” printed on them . . . that’s a reference to Matthew 14:25, which is the Bible passage about Jesus walking on water.

The people at MSCHF say they wanted to make a statement about how crazy, quote, “collab culture” has gotten.  Quote, “We were wondering, what would a collab with Jesus Christ look like?”  By the way, the shoes aren’t endorsed by Nike.

MSCHF put their pairs of “Jesus Shoes” on sale on Tuesday morning at $3,000-a-pair . . . and they sold out immediately.

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TBT… Win Amigos!

Which Taylor Swift hit was released first?

  • “Blank Space” 
  • “Style” 

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Survey Says?! Win Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8

According to a recent survey, THIS is the top thing that gives us anxiety.

Answer:  Work.  |  Click here for more.

More results . . .

  1. Work. 47% of people said it’s one of the top things that gives them anxiety.
  2. Social gatherings.
  3. Money.
  4. Health issues.
  5. Conflict with others.
  6. Meeting new people.
  7. Politics.
  8. Your significant other.
  9. Public speaking or performing.
  10. Large crowds.

The survey also looked at the top things about SOCIAL MEDIA that stress us out.  The top three are the pressure to seem perfect . . . the pressure to seem successful . . . and the pressure to be charming and funny in your posts.

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. The first whales had legs and swam by wiggling their feet. Over millions of years, those legs evolved into flippers.
  1. Daniel Day-Lewis is the only actor who’s won an Oscar for playing a president. He won for “Lincoln” in 2013.  Six other actors have been nominated for playing the president, but they all lost.
  1. Elvis never performed outside North America. And other than a few concerts in Canada in 1957, he never performed outside the U.S.
  1. The four American cities with the biggest land area are all in Alaska: Sitka, Juneau, Wrangell, and Anchorage.  Jacksonville, Florida is fifth.
  1. Ellen Burstyn got an Emmy nomination in 2006 for Best Supporting Actress in the HBO miniseries “Mrs. Harris” . . . even though she was only on screen for 14 seconds, and had two lines.  She lost, but the Emmys still added a rule the next year that anyone who was nominated for supporting actor or actress had to be on screen at least 5% of the time.