Scam call reported in Buffalo County

Scam call reported in Buffalo County

KEARNEY, Neb. – The following is from the Buffalo County Emergency Management Agency:

The Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office and the Kearney Police Department have taken reports regarding a scam where the caller will report they are with Apple Support. The call will normally come from 800-275-2273, which is a legitimate number for Apple Support. However the number is being spoofed by the scammers.

The caller may ask to remote in our take control of the person’s computer and then lock them out. They will then ask for money to unlock their computer. Apple will never ask for a users Apple ID password, iCloud Credential or verification codes in order to provide you with support.

It is always best to call Apple Support directly should you need their assistance and not respond to these calls.

If you have been a victim to one of these scams please contact the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office or the Kearney Police Department.”