Reido Vlog Women are better at this than Men

Yes a new study out of Sweden says women are better at this than men! I explain in my Vlog below!

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Reido Vlog What is your Gas Station Order!

Here’s a term you may not have heard before but you’ve definitely experienced before. When you’re on a road trip and you stop for gas and some snacks, the random junk food you buy is called your “gas station order.” Info from Delish And people are sharing their gas station orders on¬†TikTok¬†right now like .…read more »

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Reido Blog We buy some weird stuff in the USA

From Zippa: Here’s What Each State Disproportionately Buys What’s happening in Indiana that they need so much HUMAN BLOOD on hand? A new study looked at the products every state imports to figure out what stuff each state is disproportionately buying. Some of them make perfect sense, like Hawaii buying SPAM and Nevada importing huge…read more »


What is Trending with Reido-Dishwasher Guidelines

Important life skills and First world problems. Don’t rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Just scrape and set. New research from Australia proves that the Aussies are bored! What’s Trending with Reido-Dishwashers REIDO ON TWITTER Tweets by @ReidoHits106 REIDO ON FACEBOOKread more »


Reidos Go to Place When Unavailable

When I am asked to meet at a certain time or asked to participate in an event I politely decline and say I will be in Tahiti. I say this because the odds are I won’t be anytime soon. But if someone asks why Tahiti I say well look at this video and you will…read more »


Road Trip to a Timeless Place Kakadu

This is one place in the home country Australia I would love to visit. A timeless place that has remained fairly undisturbed. Best time to visit is May to October during the dry season. In the meantime I will virtually travel to this iconic Australian Outback National Park. REIDO ON TWITTER Tweets by @ReidoHits106 REIDO…read more »


Reido Road Trip Glacier National Park

The Reido’s were going to head to lacier National Park this year but Covid nixed it. Did visit back in 1990 and it is a remarkable place and large U-Shaped valleys carved out by glaciers that have long since retreated back up the mountains. Going to the Sunset Highway is usually cleared mid June but…read more »