Procrastination: The Struggle is Real

Procrastination: The Struggle is Real


Especially with the sun out longer and warmer weather, I find myself sitting in a lawn chair thinking about all the things I need to do.



Thinking and sitting.






Ohp! My drink’s gone, better go make another so I can sit and think about all the things I need to get done!



Turns out selective laziness isn’t really the reason behind procrastinating, emotions are the ticket.



Now, I appreciate any good reason backing my choice to negate productivity, but do I have to worry about my emotional intelligence instead? Oh man, that’s almost even more overwhelming than the impact of my procrastination!


Thankfully, there are very smart people in the world who have already looked into this issue and have some advice. If you’re a bit of a Lazy McGee like me, check out this article and watch the handy video at the end to learn the Top 4 Ways to Beat Procrastination.


… because why actually do something when you can sit and watch a video, right? Juuuuuuust kidding.



Here’s to getting’ busy —- err, I mean, getting stuff done!