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TMC Show Highlights… Wednesday 1-29-20

A guy used coffee to rescue kittens frozen to the road … The head of PETA says you’re walking your dog wrong … New dating term: “Whelming” … Contests on the show… HITS 106 Date Night Sign Up (El Potrero and Kearney Cinema 8) 7:20am Whatchamacallit Wednesday (Amigos) 8:20am Survey Says?! (Raising Canes + Kearney…read more »


TMC Show Highlights… Tuesday 1-28-20

A cop in Wisconsin pulled over the Wienermobile … Planters is pausing their ads about Mr. Peanut’s death, but the Super Bowl ad is still a go, plus all the Super Bowl commercials released so far … No, coronavirus is not a disease spread through Corona beer … A study finds men are twice as emotional as…read more »


TMC Show Highlights… Monday 1-27-20

Nebraska State Trooper uses “Frozen” knowledge to calm little girl … A hotel offers 18 years of free Valentine’s Day stays if you conceive a baby there this year … There’s been another Bigfoot sighting in Washington, but this one was caught on an official state camera … Contests on the show… HITS 106 Date…read more »