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Wanna See Something Gross?

  We all do weird things when we’re bored.     Maybe it’s not even being bored… I mean, people have always loved to pop bubble wrap.     Those tiny, air-filled, little pockets of joy! Sometimes stress has something to do with it. Stress balls have been around forever – they’ve even morphed into…read more »


Second Verse, Same As The First!

  We’re talking about twins, y’all!   Heads up, I have a twin brother.       Look how ridiculously adorable we are! You know what would have taken away a level of adorable? — Awkward names. And let me tell you, it was a close call for my brother and me. Suggestions ranged from…read more »


Robots are taking over!

  Whether it’s robot bartenders, smart refrigerators, robot vacuums, or Amazon’s order pickers, robots are everywhere!   They really are helpful. Especially when it comes to tasks like putting together flat-packed furniture. Have you ever tried assembling something from IKEA?     These people could have used some help: This bed that’s now an adult…read more »


Lions and Tigers, and Bears – Oh, my!

Flowers! They’re a telltale sign of Spring and warmer weather coming to stay. They’re beautiful to look at. They’re nature’s versatile medium!   You can make a bouquet     Use them to make a wreath     Enjoy some flower tea     Create a festive headpiece     Or use them as a…read more »


Home Owner 101

It’s been a little over a year since we’ve moved into our first house. Certified home owner, over here! The thing is, I have no idea how to properly care this expensive thing I own… so, I looked it up! (bless you, internet) Spring is here and your home needs just as much TLC as…read more »


Emperor’s New Robes – The Remix

Rider with No ClothesOnce upon a time, There was a Kansas City man, Who went on a Sunday ride.On his bright yellow ATV, Speeding down the highway, Chest hair billowing in the breeze.An hour long he had traveled, But from concerned eyes, Rider’s fun became unraveled.For the police caught him and then wrapped him in…read more »


Being Mindful > Resolutions

 Yes, a New Year has begun. As such, the scheduled hype to make (and keep) resolutions is all up in our face.Listen, I’ve never been a person to make and stick with New Year’s Resolutions – like, ever. Between my outstanding lack of willpower and trouble with consistency, it just doesn’t happen. read more »