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Reido’s Random Facts Sep. 29

Another Edition of Reido’s Random Facts including how to get the most sleep, work and our brains, Olympic Medals for Painting….yes really and “Submarining!”read more »

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Dogs greet Owners after long period apart

Today we celebrate One For The Heroes honoring all Military members, Veterans and families. We probably should include Dogs of Military personnel too as they are often separated from their human for months at a time. As this video shows when the reunion happens the Dogs don’t hold back!read more »


Space Blog-Cassini Saturn Mission ends

If you have followed my Blog long you know I am a Space Geek ever since I was a kid with a telescope in the middle of the Australian Bush with no light pollution period! Cassini spacecraft launched in 1997 and it’s 20 year mission came to an end September 15th when mission controllers plunged…read more »