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Reido’s Song ‘o’ Choice

My current fav is Portugal. The Man “Feel it Still”. When I first heard the vocals whose voice does this below too? Sounded female at first but that changed upon checking out the band on you Tube. Two members John Gourley and Zach Carothers met in Wasilla High School in Alaska. The band formed in…read more »


Reido’s Random Fact October 18th

Another compelling edition of Reido’s Random Facts. This edition – energy costs for using turn signals, the world’s oldest hotel, the most popular candy handed out at Halloween and new snicker flavor you won’t believe!    read more »

2017-07 Reid homestead

Need to reset?

World it seems is in a bit of a chaotic state. We all need to disconnect and reset…I managed to do a little of that when I visited my parents, sister and cousin in Australia back in July. Where my parents live it is a great place to get away and let nature do the…read more »