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Star Wars Bloopers!

There isn’t a day that goes by on the air that is blooper free. Some words are a lot easier to say than others and some days speaking isn’t my best ability! Acting no different and with Star Wars “The Last Jedi” premiering this week….how about some Star Wars Bloopers!read more »

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Star Wars What a long Journey it has Been!

On Thursday December 14th the next Star Wars “The Last Jedi” movie premieres at Kearney Cinema 8. I will be on location as we celebrate another cinematic masterpiece. It was 40 years ago¬†in October 1977¬†actually that I and my best friend in high school Clark got to see the very first Star Wars movie in…read more »

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Hottest Tech Christmas Gifts!

With Christmas Shopping ramping up I always struggle on what to get especially for family in Australia. More often than not it costs way more to send gifts than what they cost you….especially on weight. So they are light and not overly exciting!! I am into technology like so many of us….sometimes too much and…read more »

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Crazy Stuff caught on Camera

After a Thankful Thanksgiving holiday we needed to be reminded that others are also thankful of some crazy stuff that can happen like really close calls! Of course be thankful you haven’t gone of the deep end like in this video…..”The Office Worker Goes Nuts!    read more »