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Reido Blog – The Top 5 Office Tasks We Loathe

Yes we have to do Office tasks like we have to clean house and do chores. A new survey breaks down the Top 5 Office Tasks we loathe and I agree on these as I relate! Listen and see if you agree! Top 5 Office Tasks we Hate! https://c1.futuripost.com/kqky/streamon-perm/KQKY-48k-pl-1043.mp4 Tweets by @ReidoHits106read more »


Reido Vlog Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

I don’t have a big desire to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Time’s Square New York as I would not be fan of standing there for a long period of time waiting for the ball to drop. I would like to hang out at a house party overlooking Sydney Harbour in Australia and celebrate there.…read more »


The Best Towns in the World to Celebrate Christmas

It seems when we travel long distance during the Christmas holidays there are always issues getting to our destination or getting home. so many people and flights, cars on the road. But that is what is expected. But if you had the money and could hire a private jet and get you to all the…read more »