Kong: Skull Island A Must See!
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Went to see Kong: Skull Island last Sunday night at the Hilltop Mall Theaters, and walked out going that was a lot of fun gotta see again.

The movie casting is excellent. Samuel L Jackson "Mr Movie Man", man he is in a lot, plays the ticked off Army man who is upset that the Vietnam War is over and is happy to have another assignment. Of course he gets mad at Kong and ah well....

Tom Hiddleston plays the English guide with attitude, Brie Larson the War Photographer who Jackson's character blames for the end of the war.

John C Reilly who often plays in movies with Will Ferrell plays the lovable former Air Force pilot who crash landed on Skull island at the end of World War 2 and is marooned on an island with big creatures.

John Goodman plays the Government Agent who believes there is something "big" out there but has come up empty until now.

Kong Skull Island is what a big Monster movie should be great action close ups including Kong and his 19 million digitally created hairs (took a year to create is what I hear). The nasty looking lizards are just that.....ugly as they can get and abnormal looking which makes them even more disgusting.....but awesome at the same time. The fight scenes are just great fun and Kong has some martial art moves!!

I always wondered though "What does Kong eat?" Well Skull Island answers this and a large snack of calamari!

Couple of great takes from the movie....the writers did not make a big deal between Kong and the Girl (Brie) in this case. It is a short and subtle moment and in the end you still don't get between Kong and his Girl!

The other take is the music. The film takes place at the end of the Vietnam War in 1973-74 so the producers take the music soul that defined the Vietnam era and they crank it loud! From The Hollies to CCR to Black Sabbath. Oh the soundtrack rocks!

The production and direction is well designed and paced. Worth a second look. Enjoy!

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