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On the Air 10am to 2pm - KQKY Hits 106! Have been here a while...lucky you! Likes all kinds of music; Taekwondo 4th Degree Black Belt with Bennett's Taekwondo Academy; Member Dobytown Kiwanis-Kearney-Secretary; Likes Vegemite; Big fan of  Australian Football-West Coast Eagles, Richmond Tigers and West Perth Falcons plus I eat a 2 pound block of Vermont white cheddar a week! Has worked hanging downspouts and gutters; butchered sheep and cleaned out animal drinking troughs; Worked changing Oil and Tyres and stocked Grocery Store Shelves! But have a degree in Geography and speech! Now you know why I like Radio! I play tunes and make my listeners winners!!!!


Reido's Fav Tweet of the Week!

- molly @Molly_Kats ... I have discovered what Chinese food is missing: Cheese.


  Leon Lynch, 51, an Arizona man who was busted after posting photos on Facebook of some items he stole.
    Following a series of burglaries, Lynch announced a garage sale on Facebook.
    One victim spotted her stolen wedding dress in one of his photos and contacted police.
    After an undercover deputy bought the dress at the sale deputies searched the home and found other stolen goods, including a motorcycle missing since 2010.
    Lynch was arrested on suspicion of theft, wrongful taking or disposing of property and marijuana possession.


    James Manning and Teresa Castillo, a California couple who were arrested for stealing a car to get to their court date.
    The pair were originally facing charges of possessing a controlled substance.
    Needing a ride, they stole a car from a local dealership without knowing there was a GPS tracker in the vehicle.
    Police tracked the car to the courthouse and confronted Manning and Castillo, who claimed they purchased the car earlier that morning.
    Knowing the truth, cops arrested them both and filed additional charges after finding marijuana in the vehicle.



Andy Pitz @Andy Pitz ... Only a matter of time: mugshot selfies.

- Mark Normand @marknorm ... People love "home cooking." Meals are the only product people like more when it's homemade.

- molly @Molly_Kats ... I have discovered what Chinese food is missing: Cheese.

- Josh Denny @Josh Denny ... Hey ladies, I know everyone wants to be a redhead, but stop with the dye jobs. You're walking around in ginger blackface.

- Joseph Birbiglia @joebirbigs ... I would have gotten the Google Glass but I don't have $1500 or any desire to strap the internet to my face.

- Adam Cozens @Adam_Cozens ... Ever since I stopped drinking, I've had a lot less excuses for all of my stupid behavior.

- Matt Oswalt @Puddinstrip ... Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time I'm going through waiting for McDonald's to change their menu from breakfast to lunch.

- Gennifer @Genny_jello ... Going to become a drug dealer just so I can find out where they get those adorable, tiny ziplock bags.

- Tom Shillue @tomshillue ... When the guy first did the Donald Duck voice and the whole office was laughing, someone should've added "but that's gonna get old real fast."

- Carmen Lynch @lynchcarmen ... Acting normal feels so weird.

- Mike Lawrence @TheMikeLawrence ... if it wasn't for Sammy Davis Jr. there would've been so many blogs back in 1976 about the lack of diversity at those Dean Martin roasts.

- Emily Heller @MrEmilyHeller ... An online dating website but instead of someone to love, it just finds someone to blame for stuff like your water bottle leaking everywhere.

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