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Reido's Blog

  • Man this happens all the time on Idiot 80. Someone tailgates you while another vehicle is merging onto the Interstate.
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  • With our daily lives bombarded by stuff from all directions you wonder how much we can all take. Down time if at all possible is a must.
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  • I thought this year the Grammy's had some great performances including everything Bruno Mars did. His cover of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" was amazing and proof he can gun sling the guitar just as Prince could.
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  • The Annual "Big Music Show with a Gramophone Trophy" is this Sunday. Here is a review from E News on this year's show with a line up that looks pretty good.
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Know Your Geo

Theme this week "Theme is Pets"

 Monday February 20

The most popular Dog breed is what?

A) Golden Retriever

B) Labrador Retriever

C) Poodle

B) Labs hold #1 across the board!

 Tuesday February 21

Most popular Cat Breed?

A) Persian
B) Main Coon
C) Sphynx

A) Persian. Also the Exotic a short haired Persian is very popular


 Wednesday February 22

In sheer numbers the most popular pet?

A) Dogs
B) Fresh water Fish

C) Cats

B) Over 142 Million Freshwater fish are owned by 12.5 million households

Thursday Febuary 22

How many dogs survived the Titanic

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Dufus of the Day

Manuel Garcia, who spent two days standing under a sign at a Texas Walmart, in hopes that it would fall and hit him, so he could sue. Garcia posted photos on social media of himself standing under a dangling letter P on the Walmart Pharmacy drive-thru sign. His hair-brain scheme was to get hit by the falling letter, so he could then sue the retailer for negligence. Unfortunately for Garcia, the letter never fell and the scheme didn't work.