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Reido's Blog

Theme This Week - Aussie Geography

Monday July 24

Q: The Capital of Western Australia is what?




B) Perth - Reido's hometown population now of 1.94 Million

Tuesday July 25th

The Big Red rock in Central Australia is called what?

A) Big Red Boulder

B) Ayer's Rock (or Ooh-Lu_ru Aboriginal Nmae)

C) Dingo Hill

Answer is B

Wednesday July 26th

Q: The Capital of South Australia is?

A) Melbourne

B) Adelaide

C) Brisbane

B) Adelaide - where Reido's parents and sister live....he is back tomorrow

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Dufus of the Day

An unidentified couple in Connecticut, who used counterfeit money to buy items, then returned the items a short time later and got the same counterfeit money back.The couple used bogus cash to purchase $780 worth of lingerie from a Victoria's Secret store.Later they went back to try to return the items for real cash. But when the cashier gave them their own fake bills back, the couple balked and said, "These are fake." They took off when the cashier said they were calling security. Police are investigating.