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Know Your Geo

Theme this week "WIND!"

 Monday March 6th

Strongest wind ever recorded not from a Tornado was clocked at how many mph?

A) 190

B) 231

C) 252

B) 231mph from a Cyclone of the coast of Western Australia in 1996


 Tuesday March 7th

What State is considered the windiest in the USA?

A) Michigan
B) Nebraska
C) Arizona

B) Nebraska according to a report from the Washington Post


Wednesday March 8th

What is the strongest wind ever recorded in a Tornado?
A) 290mph
B) 301mph

C) 320mph

B) 301mph is considered the official record as it is hard to measure exactly wind speeds in tornadoes. May 3rd 1999 Moore OK.

Thursday March 9th

What is the name of the warm wind that blows of the Rocky Mountains in late Winter?
A) Chinook

B) Snoweater

C) Both
C) Both. The local Indians term translated to snow eater as it would melt snow very quickly


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Dufus of the Day

Richard Bull, 32, who was electrocuted to death after he tried to charge his phone and use it while bathing. It's believed Bull had plugged his charger into an extension cord from the hallway and rested his iPhone on his chest while bathing. He suffered severe burns on his chest, arm, and hand when the charging phone touched the water. Product safety manager Steve Curtler said people would not get electrocuted from a mobile appliance such as a laptop or mobile phone if it was not being charged. So far Apple has not responded to requests for a comment.