TMC Show Highlights… Thursday 1-16-20

TMC Show Highlights… Thursday 1-16-20

A woman helps a wolf pup howl for the first time … A man who took a sexual stimulant for bulls is hospitalized with a three-day engorgement … The official name for Cheetos dust …

Contests on the show…


A woman tries to help a wolf pup howl for the first time.  Everything about this video will make you want to own a wolf pup. 

A man who took a sexual stimulant for bulls is hospitalized with a three-day engorgement…

There’s a guy in Reynosa, Mexico who went to the hospital recently because he had taken a sexual enhancement pill and it left him engorged for THREE DAYS.

But it wasn’t Viagra.  No . . . he took a sexual stimulant that’s used for BREEDING BULLS.

He told the doctors he took it because he was hoping to have, quote, “a successful sexual encounter with a young woman of 30 years.”  There’s no word on how old this guy is.

Luckily, doctors were able to successfully perform surgery and help him out.

Go here for more including a photo.

The official name for Cheetos dust…

A huge part of the experience of eating Cheetos is turning your fingers orange from all the dust.  And that dust, apparently, has an official name.

Cheetos just revealed it’s called “cheetle.”  They’ve even had the word “cheetle” trademarked for 15 years, but they always just used it internally . . . until now.

Quote, “It became clear from our fans the special interest they had, so we knew it was time to share our beloved name.” 

Go here for more.

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it’s not Cheetos Dust, #itscheetle

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TBT… Win Amigos!

Which hit was released in 2019?

  • “La La Land” by Bryce Vine
  • “Mine” by Bazzi
  • “Delicate” by Taylor Swift

Answer:  “La La Land” by Bryce Vine.  |  Go here for more.

Survey Says?! Win Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8!

According to a new survey, THIS is the most stressful thing in our lives.

Answer:  Taxes.  |  Go here for more.

More results . . .

  1. Taxes. 73% of people say it’s a top cause of stress in their life.
  2. Going to the doctor, 67%.
  3. Holiday shopping, 64%.
  4. Going to the dentist, 64%.
  5. Family events, 64%.
  6. Credit card debt, 64%.
  7. Traveling, 61%.
  8. How much money we have in the bank, 60%.
  9. Paying our rent or mortgage, 59%.
  10. Visits from our in-laws, 59%.

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. Japan has the most 7-Elevens, with more than 20,900. Thailand is second, with 11,300.  South Korea is third, with 9,485.  The U.S. is fourth, at 9,340.
  1. There are only four types of venomous snakes in the United States: Rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouths, and coral snakes.