TMC Show Highlights… Friday, December 6

TMC Show Highlights… Friday, December 6

New Music Friday from Zedd & Kehlani, Taylor Swift, and the Jonas Brothers … The most “Christmas-y” Christmas movies according to science … Kids’ names that are most likely to be “nice” or “naughty”… A woman was upset with her son’s haircut so she ran over the barber …

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New Music Friday — “Good Thing” by Zedd and Kehlani…

“Christmas Tree Farm” by Taylor Swift…

“Like It’s Christmas” by the Jonas Brothers…

These are the most “Christmas-y” Christmas movies, according to science…

There’s probably one Christmas movie that’s your personal favorite.  But here’s a more objective take on it:  A new, fairly scientific study used 20 different factors to find out what the ULTIMATE Christmas movie is.

They looked at 20 popular movies.  The four main categories they used were the number of Christmas references in each one . . . how they did at the box office . . . their reviews . . . and how much of a “festive buzz” they create year after year.

And according to the results, the most Christmas-y Christmas movie of all time is . . . the original “Home Alone”.

It actually ranked fairly low in Christmas references, with just five shots of Christmas outfits . . . 11 Christmas songs . . . 13 uses of the word “Christmas” . . . and only one shot of Santa Claus.  But it ranked first in box office performance, and in festive buzz.

Here’s the top 10:

  1. “Home Alone”, 1990
  2. “Elf”, 2003
  3. “Love Actually”, 2003
  4. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” . . . the 2000 version with Jim Carrey.
  5. “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen, 1994
  6. “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, 1993
  7. “Arthur Christmas”, 2011. It’s an animated movie that was big in England.
  8. “Gremlins”, 1984.
  9. “The Polar Express”, 2004
  10. “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, 1989

If you’re someone who insists “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie, it barely missed the Top 10 at #11.  It was followed by “Home Alone 2” and “Scrooged”.

FYI:  A group in England did the study and they didn’t factor in a few classics.  That’s why you don’t see “A Christmas Story” or “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” on the list.  

Go here for more.

Here are the kids’ names that are most likely to be “nice” or “naughty”…

I guess this is a good shortcut for Santa if he wants to be SUPER lazy this year.

A company called School Stickers put together lists of the “nicest” and “naughtiest” kids . . . based on their NAMES.

They make personalized stickers, awards, and certificates for kids who do well in school, so the lists are based on the names of students who got the most and least rewards throughout the year. 

Here they are . . .

Nicest girls:  Sophie . . . Jessica . . . Olivia . . . Emily . . . Grace . . . Chloe . . . Megan . . . Ella . . . Ruby . . . Emma.

Naughtiest girls:  Alexandra . . . Esther . . . Faith . . . Lydia . . . Nicole . . . Tia . . . Summer . . . Libby . . . Aimee . . . Imogen.

Nicest boys:  Jack . . . Joshua . . . Harry . . . Oliver . . . Charlie . . . Thomas . . . Ethan . . . James . . . Daniel . . . Matthew.

Naughtiest boys:  Logan . . . Harrison . . . Liam . . . Jacob . . . Leo . . . Jamie . . . Owen . . . Connor . . . Michael . . . Archie.

Go here for more.

A woman was upset with her son’s haircut… so she ran over the barber…

This REALLY doesn’t seem like a proportionate response.

There’s a 28-year-old woman named Ruby Delgadillo from Brentwood, California.  And earlier this week, she took her son to a barber shop.

Well . . . apparently she was NOT happy with the haircut the 63-year-old barber gave him.  She argued with the barber, and he went outside to write down the license plate number of her Prius.

So she RAN HIM OVER . . . and rammed him through the glass window of the store next to the barber shop.

He needed surgery for a badly broken leg and she fled the scene.  The cops are trying to track her down . . . she’s going to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Go here for a previous mugshot of Ruby.
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Survey Says?! Win Kearney Cinema 8!

According to a recent survey, the majority of companies won’t do THIS until January.

Answer:  Host a holiday party.  |  Go here for more.

More results . . .

According to a new survey, the majority of companies say they’re waiting until JANUARY to throw their company holiday parties.  Mainly because it’s CHEAPER and there are more locations available then.

The most popular dates for January holiday parties are Monday, January 13th and Monday, January 6th. 

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. Before Vegas was known as “Sin City,” that title usually went to . . . Newport, Kentucky. It became a hotspot of corruption, gambling, and prostitution during Prohibition . . . and stayed that way until the 1960s.
  1. Wu-Tang Clan were the first rappers to have their own clothing line, when they launched Wu Wear in the mid ’90s.
  1. There’s nothing in the official Major League Baseball rules that forces players to wear hats.
  1. 80% of the population of the United States lives within a two-hour flight of Atlanta.
  1. During a battle at a park between England and Ireland in 1916, there was a cease fire every day so a park employee could feed the ducks.