TMC Show Highlights… Friday, November 8

TMC Show Highlights… Friday, November 8

New Music Friday — “Lights Up” by Harry Styles … Awkward! Some people just received text messages that were sent on Valentine’s Day … A woman dumped a guy moments before he won $553,000 … New online pickup line idea … A rundown of the deals available to our military for Veterans Day …

Contests on the show…

New Music Friday — “Lights Up” by Harry Styles…

Oh the awkwardness: Some people just received text messages that were sent on Valentine’s Day…

It’s hard to imagine JUST how many horribly awkward conversations this caused.

Apparently, there was a bug that affected text messaging all over the country so some messages that were sent back in February just finally went out on Wednesday.  February 14th, specifically.

That’s right:  A bunch of people didn’t get the text messages that were sent to them on VALENTINE’S DAY until yesterday.  There were also texts from some other days as well, but I feel like it’s the Valentine’s Day ones that will cause the most problems.

And there are already posts on social media about people who got texts from their exes . . . found out texts went to their bosses or clients in the middle of the night . . . and even got texts from relatives and friends who’ve passed away since February.

The carriers aren’t exactly sure why this happened.  Sprint says it was because of a maintenance update . . . T-Mobile is blaming it on a third-party vendor . . . and Verizon and AT&T haven’t commented.

But hey, maybe you JUST found out that the person you were dating DIDN’T decide to stand you up on Valentine’s Day after all.  You should reach out to them to reconcile.

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A woman dumped a guy moments before he won $553,000… so she decided to stick around…

I can’t imagine what caused this woman to have a change of heart.

There’s a guy named Kenny Morgan in Australia.  And he was on a date on Tuesday, watching and betting on the Melbourne Cup horse races at a casino.

His date wasn’t really into him . . . and he says she told him, quote, “This isn’t going to go anywhere.”  (Maybe it was because he took her to a casino to bet on horse racing?)

But just as she was about to catch a bus home, one of Kenny’s longshots hit . . . and he won $553,000 on a $7 bet.

And believe it or not . . . the woman changed her mind and decided to stick around.

Kenny was nice enough to buy her drinks for the rest of the night . . . but after that, they went their separate ways and Kenny says, quote, “she’s been deleted now.”

He’s planning to use his money to buy a house.

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New online pickup line idea: Pretending you messaged the person accidentally with news about your grandfather’s death…

So here’s a new way to start a conversation with someone online and . . . MAYBE . . . pick them up.

There’s a 23-year-old woman in Scotland named Rachel Brogan.  And she got a message on Facebook a few days ago from a stranger that said, quote, “Hey did you hear about my grandad?”

She wrote back, quote, “What?”  And he responded, quote, “Sorry, wrong person, meant to text a girl I went to school with but clicked on you by accident.  Not thinking straight as my grandad passed away, sorry.”

And then, he followed that up with, quote, “You are lovely, though.  You single?”

Rachel tweeted a screenshot of the messages, and now they’re going viral.

And while the pickup move didn’t work for this guy . . . hey, maybe it’ll work for you.  As long as you’re cool with the idea of exploiting the fake death of your grandfather to try to get-it-on.

Go here for a photo of Rachel.

Here’s a rundown of the deals available to our military for Veterans Day…

Veterans Day is on Monday, so here’s a rundown of all the restaurants, stores, and websites offering deals for veterans and active military personnel . . .

  1. Restaurants. A ton of restaurants are offering free food, including Applebee’s . . . Buffalo Wild Wings . . . CPK . . . Chili’s . . . Cracker Barrel . . . Denny’s . . . IHOP . . . Golden Corral . . . Red Lobster . . . and Red Robin.

  2. Coffee and donuts. Starbucks is offering free coffee for veterans, active duty service members, and military spouses on Monday.  And Dunkin’ Donuts is offering veterans and active duty military a free donut on Monday.

  3. Great Clips. Anybody who gets a haircut at Great Clips on Monday will get a free haircut card to give to a military member of any branch, including the National Guard.  And veterans who visit a salon on Monday will get either a free haircut that day or a free haircut card redeemable through December 31st.

  4. Retail stores. Kohl’s is offering a 30% discount on purchases now through Monday.  Home Depot and Lowe’s are offering a 10% discount.  And Target is giving a 10% discount on one purchase in stores and online through Monday.

  5. Amazon. They’re offering current military and veterans $40 off the regular price of Amazon Prime through Monday.  That’s $79, compared with the regular price of $119.  And it works even if you’re already a Prime member.

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Survey Says?! Win Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8!

According to a recent survey, 16% like THIS so much they’d MARRY it.

Answer:  Fried chicken.  |  Go here for more.

Saturday is National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day.

The Mooore Yooou Knoow! 

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. The term midlife crisis was coined by a Canadian psychoanalyst in 1965. Which means the term is 54 years old . . . and probably having its own midlife crisis.
  1. The trench coat got its name because British and French soldiers wore long coats in the trenches of World War One.
  1. When he was on “Miami Vice”, Philip Michael Thomas came up with the idea of the “EGOT.” That’s where you win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony.

    He even wore a gold medallion that said “EGOT,” because he wanted to win them all.  But as of today, he’s never even been nominated for ANY of them.
  1. Lil Wayne’s original rap name was Shrimp Daddy.
  1. Asperger syndrome is named after a doctor named Hans Asperger from Austria . . . who worked with the Nazis during World War Two.