TMC Show Highlights… Wednesday, November 6

TMC Show Highlights… Wednesday, November 6

Six tricks for remembering someone’s name … A study finds people will immediately start lying to have sex … Four Loko’s hard seltzer is hitting stores and it’s extremely high in alcohol …

Contests on the show…

Six tricks for remembering someone’s name…

65% of people in a recent survey said that if they forgot someone’s name, they’d just avoid using it.  Only 25% would ask them to repeat it.  So how do you prevent forgetting it in the first place?  Here are six tricks for remembering names . . .

Step 1:  Focus.  Don’t let yourself get distracted by something, including your own social anxiety.  If you’re really in the moment, you won’t forget so easily.

Step 2:  Repeat their name back to them immediately.  Saying something like, “Nice to meet you, Tom” really helps your brain process it.

Step 3:  Associate it with something meaningful to you.  Like that you have a “tom cat,” or that your favorite actor is Tom Hanks.

Step 4:  Form a mental image between the person and your association.  Like if their name is Victoria and it reminds you of Queen Victoria, picture them wearing a crown.  The sillier the better, because silly things are more memorable.

Step 5:  Connect their appearance to their name.  Like maybe Victoria is wearing a V-neck sweater.  That “V” alone might help you remember later on.

Step 6:  Keep repeating their name.  Say it again in conversation a few minutes later . . . then again as you’re saying goodbye . . . and maybe even to yourself on the car ride home.  Repeating it over and over helps make it a long-term memory.

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A study finds people will immediately start lying to have sex…

I’m not sure we needed a study to tell us this . . . but when we think we might have sex with someone, we’ll say ANYTHING to make it happen.

A new study out of the University of Rochester in New York found that when our, quote, “sexual system” is activated, we’ll immediately start telling LIES to improve our chances of getting-it-on.

And our sexual system gets activated EARLY in the process.  When you meet someone and your brain thinks, “Hey, I might potentially have sex with this person,” that’s when it kicks in . . . and the lying starts.

The researchers say people, quote, “embellish, conform, change their attitudes regarding certain topics, and outright lie . . . all to make a good first impression.”

On the bright side, not everyone tells HUGE lies.  Most people just, quote, “find ways to emphasize different parts of how they see themselves.”

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Four Loko’s hard seltzer is hitting stores and it’s extremely high in alcohol…

When Four Loko does something, they do it to the EXTREME.

Four Loko’s new HARD SELTZER comes out today.  And it’s 12% alcohol-by-volume . . . which means it has around two-and-a-half times more alcohol than the popular hard seltzers like White Claw and Truly.

They’re only releasing one flavor today, Black Cherry . . . but more are coming soon.

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Whatchamacallit Wednesday… Win Amigos!

THIS item may be used individually or with a team. It’s circular in size, orange, and inflated.

Is this item…
A.  Basketball
B.  Bowling Ball
C.  Donald Trump’s Hair


Answer:  A. Basketball.  |  Go here for more.

Survey Says?! Win Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8!

According to a new survey, the worst thing you can do at a party is THIS.

Answer:  Show up sick.  |  Go here for more.

More results . . .

Here are the ten worst things you can do at a party . . .

  1. Show up sick.
  2. Ask for food or a type of drink that isn’t already out.
  3. Be the last one to leave.
  4. Get too drunk.
  5. Show up early.
  6. Be on your phone all night.
  7. Talk about politics too much.
  8. Show up without RSVPing.
  9. Spill something.
  10. Not bring food if it’s a potluck.

The survey also looked at the most annoying things the HOST of a party can do.  The top ten include asking people to mingle . . . cleaning during the party . . . getting drunk . . . rushing people out the door . . . and not playing music.

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. Your brain is 2% of your weight . . . but uses 20% of your energy. That means on the average day, a person uses 320 calories to think.
  1. The Smurfs were created in 1947 as minor characters in a comic book in Belgium called “Johan and Peewit”.
  1. Before Paul Shaffer was David Letterman’s band leader, he co-wrote the song “It’s Raining Men” in 1979.
  1. James Dean only starred in three movies before he died in a car crash when he was 24: “East of Eden” . . . “Rebel Without a Cause” . . . and “Giant”.
  1. The most common language in South America is Portuguese, not Spanish.