Reido Vlog – National Cat Day Survey

October 29th is National Cat Day and of course social media is full of photos and Cat Videos! A recent survey reported by the NY Post interviewed Cat owners and here is what these Feline Owners do for their cats and vice versa! Have a “Purr-Fect Cat Day!”

National Cat Day Vlog

Weasel cat image courtesy of iClipart.com
Weasel cat image courtesy of iClipart.com

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Reido Blog – The Top 5 Office Tasks We Loathe

Yes we have to do Office tasks like we have to clean house and do chores. A new survey breaks down the Top 5 Office Tasks we loathe and I agree on these as I relate! Listen and see if you agree! Top 5 Office Tasks we Hate! https://c1.futuripost.com/kqky/streamon-perm/KQKY-48k-pl-1043.mp4 Tweets by @ReidoHits106read more »


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I don’t have a big desire to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Time’s Square New York as I would not be fan of standing there for a long period of time waiting for the ball to drop. I would like to hang out at a house party overlooking Sydney Harbour in Australia and celebrate there.…read more »


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qantas_380 closeup_edit

World’s Longest Flight

Recently QANTAS Australia’s premier airline flew a test flight from London to Sydney as part of their #ProjectSunrise program to see how a 19 hour flight affects pilots, crew and passengers. QANTAS does fly a non-stop from my home city of Perth in Western Australia across the continent from Sydney on a Boeing Dreamliner 787-9.…read more »

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Reidos Aussie wind Video

G’day Reido here, I recently visited my parents and sister in South Australia. The Reid homestead is on a ridge in the Mt. Lofty Ranges and it can blow hard up on the hills. In the winter storms rush in from the Southern Ocean and Antarctica and can blow a fury. In the summer winds…read more »


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