TMC Show Highlights… Wednesday, October 9

TMC Show Highlights… Wednesday, October 9

The top five things married couples fight about … Thieves steal a duffel bag not realizing it’s filled with pythons … Costco is now selling 76-ounce buckets of cookie dough …

Contests on the show…

How do you cook your bacon?

The top five things married couples fight about…

A relationship app called Lasting surveyed 75,000 married couples and found the top five things couples fight about.  Yes, sex was one of them, but not the number one argument.

  1. Chores. Experts say the best way to avoid that one is to just split them up 50/50.  Or as close to it as possible.

  2. The definition of “clean.” Men and women don’t always agree.  Does it mean no dirt, or no clutter?  So try to come to a consensus on what “clean” really looks like.

  3. How often to have sex. Don’t put too much pressure on it.  Around 25% of couples have sex once a week.  But research shows most married couples only do it one to three times a month.

  4. Using your phone too much. If it’s an issue, it’s important to set boundaries and agree on limits.  For example, a rule of no phones at the dinner table . . . or in bed . . . might be a good idea.  (And it might help with the not-enough-sex thing too.).

  5. What to spend money on. Major purchases should always be discussed.  If you don’t agree on what a “major” purchase is, just be specific.  Set an amount like $100 ahead of time.  Then talk about any purchases that are over that limit.

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Thieves steal a duffel bag… not realizing it’s filled with pythons…

I’m pretty sure when these thieves opened the duffel bag they stole, they finally understood the concept of INSTANT KARMA.

Some thieves broke into a car in San Jose, California on Saturday and stole a duffel bag.

But they didn’t realize what was inside:  FOUR PYTHONS and a rare lizard.

The bag belonged to a reptile breeder named Brian Gundy, and he’d just given a talk at a library.

Brian says the snakes and lizard in the bag are worth about $5,000, but mostly he wants to get them back because he’s worried about them.

He’s afraid that when the thieves opened the bag and saw the snakes, they might’ve just abandoned them.

Quote, “Not everyone knows how to take care of reptiles.  I have a concern for them.  The sad thing too, it happened on my birthday . . . these are animals that I hatched.  They are my babies.”

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Costco is now selling 76-ounce buckets of cookie dough…

This may not be the biggest tub of food on sale at Costco, but it’s the only one I’d mow through in one sitting.

Costco just started selling a 76-OUNCE BUCKET of Pillsbury chocolate chip COOKIE DOUGH.  That’s almost five pounds of cookie dough, which you can use to make 76 cookies or just eat in 76 handfuls, for $7.89.

It’s freezable for up to two months if you don’t think you can get through it all at once.

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Whatchamacallit Wednesday… Win Amigos!

THIS item is a pair. It’s usually made of fabric and is very comfortable. Each pair has a sole and covers a specific human body part.

What is this item?

Is this item…
A.  Sneakers
B.  Gloves
C.  Braces

Answer:  A.  Senakers  |  Today is National Sneakers Day.

Survey Says?! Win Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8!

According to a recent survey, people with THIS job/career have more sex than anyone else.

Answer:  Farmers.  |  Click here for more.

More results . . .

FARMERS say they have more sex than people with any other job.  One in three say they have sex DAILY.

The top six jobs that report having the most sex are:  Farmers . . . architects . . . hairdressers . . . people in advertising . . . lawyers . . . and teachers.

The survey didn’t release a bottom five list . . . just the last-place job:  Journalists have the least sex.

The survey also asked people to rate how GOOD they are at getting-it-on . . . and farmers were on top there too.  67% say they’re, quote, “incredible.”

The five jobs where people say they’re the best at getting-it-on are:  Farmers . . . doctors . . . architects . . . construction workers . . . and people in advertising.

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. Corn is a type of grass.
  1. San Bernardino County outside Los Angeles is the largest county in the country, at 20,105 square miles. That makes it bigger than nine states.
  1. The United States won the very first gold medal for basketball, at the 1936 Olympics. They beat Canada in the final game . . . 19-to-8.  Obviously scoring has gone way up since then.
  1. Chris Tucker has only been in four movies this century: “Rush Hour 2″ in 2001 . . .”Rush Hour 3” in 2007 . . . “Silver Linings Playbook” in 2012 . . . and a box office bomb called “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” in 2016.
  1. CeeLo Green was a backup singer on the TLC song “Waterfalls”.