TMC Show Highlights… Wednesday, June 12

TMC Show Highlights… Wednesday, June 12

The next big clothing trend: stuff you almost never have to wash … One in three adults still sleep with their childhood teddy bear or blanket … A study proves you do have a consistent “type” in dating …

Contests on the show…

The next big clothing trend: stuff you almost never have to wash…

It’s about time that a fashion trend came around to serve us SUPER lazy people.

According to “Fast Company”, the next big trend in clothing could be . . . stuff you almost never have to WASH.

Some companies have started using new fibers and treatments to make clothes that won’t STINK even after you wear them for weeks or months between washes.

And they aren’t just a big win for those of us who hate doing laundry . . . they’re a big win for the environment.

Washing machines are responsible for 17% of the water we use in our homes, and a quarter of the carbon footprint of every piece of clothing comes from cleaning it.

One brand that makes a seaweed fiber t-shirt says you’ll save almost 800 gallons of water by not having to wash it as often as you’d wash a regular t-shirt.

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One in three adults still sleep with their childhood teddy bear or blanket…

If you still sleep with your teddy bear and you’re afraid it’s a sign that you’re stuck in a state of childhood limbo . . . nope.  It just means you’re normal.

According to a new survey, one out of THREE adults say they still sleep with a “comfort object” from their childhood.

That includes things like stuffed animals, a blanket, or a special pillow.

The survey also found 41% of people have a nighttime ritual, including things like listening to music . . . watching a specific movie or TV show . . . reading a book . . . or eating a snack.

And one out of four people have a strange TRICK they use to try to fall asleep, including things like thinking about unicorns . . . reading history books . . . and putting their legs up on the wall.

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A study proves you do have a consistent “type” in dating…

It turns out we really do have a “type” when we’re dating.  Even if that type is “anyone who’s willing to date me.”

Researchers at the University of Toronto just finished up a nine-year study where they found people really do have a “type” they look for . . . and, basically, they always gravitate toward people with the same major personality traits.

The study didn’t look at whether people also have a physical type . . . it was just looking at personalities.

So what does this mean?  Well, it means your next boyfriend or girlfriend is probably going to have a lot in common with your current one.

But it also means that in the future, dating apps could do an even better job at matching you up with people based on who you’ve dated in the past.

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Humming Hump Day… Win Amigos!

What’s the name of the song and who sings it?

Tell me why
Ain’t nothing but a heartache
Tell me why
Ain’t nothing but a mistake
Tell me why
I never want to hear you say
I want it that way

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Survey Says?! Win Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8!

According to a recent survey, the average person has gained 12 pounds because of THIS.

Answer:  Job.  |  Click here for more.

More results . . .

According to a new survey of office workers, the average person has gained 12 POUNDS since they started their job . . . and more than 90% of them say their job gets some or all of the blame.

Some of the main reasons we say we gain weight at our jobs are:  Snacks at the desk . . . sitting all day long . . . going out for lunch . . . being too tired to exercise . . . and office birthday cake.

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. The U.S. has more millionaires than Sweden has people. There are more than 10.2 million American households that now have a net worth over $1 million, versus just under 10 million people in Sweden.
  1. The Hoover Dam is made of 4.36 million cubic yards of concrete. That’s enough to make a highway from San Francisco to New York.
  1. Cans of Diet Coke float in water . . . but cans of Coke sink. It’s because the sugar in Coke weighs 39 grams and the sweetener in Diet Coke is 125 milligrams . . . that makes Coke denser, so it sinks.
  1. The college with the most national football championships is . . . Princeton, with 28. They were winning most of them in the late 1800s, long before most other schools were competing.
  1. The first “Star Wars” product ever produced was the novelized version of the movie. That book came out in 1976, six months before the movie was in theaters.