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Here is my current fav on Hits 106 George Ezra “Shotgun!” Young dude with some pipes!

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The First Steps on the Moon

This moment in history goes down as one of those amazing human achievements and we did this again 5 more times with Apollo 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17. With the later ones it became the norm so to speak. To me it was the biggest world event that I got to witness in my…read more »


Apollo 11 50th Anniversary

One of the greatest missions ever achieved by man was the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. I was 8 watching at my primary school in Roleystone outside of Perth Western Australia. I remember it well as it was middle of the day in Australia on July 21st. This blog focuses on the Mission and the legendary…read more »


10 Places in the world you are Forbidden to visit

With vacations well underway and people traveling coast to coast, around the world and around the block to the pool there are many places to visit for a vacation. of course there are places in the US and around the world that you are forbidden to visit. Here are 10 of them! Tweets by @ReidoHits106read more »

American Cemetery Colleville-sur-Mer Omaha Beach Normandy France

First Radio Report on D-Day

As we wind down the 75th Anniversary celebrations of the D-Day landing at Normandy France it is worth a few moments of your time to listen to the first reports of the landing from NBC Radio. This audio speaks for itself! Powerful radio very powerful! Tweets by @ReidoHits106read more »

avengers drawing-small

What is next in the Marvel Universe after Endgame

Now that Avengers Endgame is out and having an epic run at the Box Office (number 2 behind Avatar – right now) what is next for the Marvel Universe and the movies in production or planned. This video covers looks at what is forthcoming. Of course this is based on what is known or anticipated…read more »