Show Highlights… Tuesday, March 12

Show Highlights… Tuesday, March 12

Seven new stats on our cell phone addiction… A woman shot her boyfriend for snoring too loudly … Women share their worst dates ever … Two guys pranked their dad and put his phone number on a billboard …

Contests on the show…

Seven new stats on our cell phone addiction…

Has your significant other ever “phubbed” you?  That’s when you’re so focused on your PHONE, you ignore someone or don’t hear them.

A third of people in a recent survey said that yes, phubbing is something they’ve dealt with in their relationship before.  Which actually seems kind of low.  Here are seven more stats that show how addicted we are to our phones these days…

  1. 49% of people say they’d pay more attention to what was going on around them if they didn’t have their phone. 20% say they wouldn’t.  Everyone else was on the fence.

  2. Would you focus better in general without your phone? 43% said yes, 24% said no.

  3. Would you feel anxious, because you wouldn’t be able to instantly communicate with people? 44% said they would.

  4. Would you feel any sense of RELIEF if you didn’t have your phone for the day? Only 29% said yes . . . 34% said no . . . and 37% weren’t sure.

  5. Would you feel weird without your phone, because you wouldn’t know what to do? 22% said that yes, they would.

  6. How often do you leave the house without your phone? 67% said rarely or never . . . 22% said every now and then . . . only 8% said regularly . . . and 2% said they never take their cell phone anywhere.

  7. When you’re at home and walk to a different room, do you usually bring your phone with you? That one was 50/50.  Half of people said yes, and half said no.

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A woman shot her boyfriend for snoring too loudly…

This happened BEFORE Daylight Saving Time started, so this woman can’t use that as an excuse…

47-year-old Lorie Morin of Cocoa, Florida is facing attempted murder charges after she shot her boyfriend last Wednesday for SNORING too loudly.

His name is Brett Allgood, and they just started dating last month.  They’d already been arguing about him snoring after she elbowed him in his sleep the night before.

So on Wednesday, he showed up to her place with a bottle of rum, flowers, some candy, and a box of Breathe Right snoring strips.  So it sounds like he was trying to be nice.  But once they got into the bottle of rum, things went south again.

He eventually got sick of arguing and said he was leaving.  Then on his way out, he heard a bang… passed out… and when he came to, he was lying in a pool of blood.

It turned out Lorie shot in him the armpit with a SHOTGUN.  Luckily he survived, and he’s in stable condition.

She claims it was an accident, and she didn’t mean to pull the trigger.

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Women share their worst dates ever…

Here are a few of the ‘best’ worst dates ever…

1.  A guy took a woman to lunch and said she could spend a maximum of $10.

2.  For their first date, a guy took a woman to his house, where they had dinner with his mom and dad.

3.  Over coffee, a guy revealed he was married, but said it was fine because his wife was “flexible.”

4.  A woman had to pay for an entire date because the guy said he forgot his card. Then later on in the date, his GIRLFRIEND found the woman on Instagram and told her he scams women like that all the time.

5.  A guy kept complaining about how he had to move back in with his parents every time someone broke up with him. Then he asked his date how big her apartment was.

6.  Some lady went out with a professional athlete who wouldn’t stop talking himself up. And at the beginning of the date he said, “There’s a 90% chance I’m going to sleep with you tonight.”

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Two guys pranked their dad and put his phone number on a billboard…

This is more like a birthday PUNISHMENT than a present.  But anything for a laugh…

A 61-year-old guy in New Jersey named Chris Ferry got a text message the other day from someone wishing him a happy birthday, and he didn’t recognize the number.  So he texted back, and they said they got his phone number off a BILLBOARD.  (???)

It turned out Chris’s two sons secretly bought ad space on a billboard in Atlantic City.  And they put a photo of him on it, along with his number and a message that said, “Wish My Dad Happy Birthday… Love, Your Sons.”

They didn’t tell him about it, so he didn’t find out until people started calling.  And now he’s dealing with HUNDREDS of calls, texts, and voicemails a day.

He says he’s been averaging about one text a minute, and one phone call every two or three minutes.  And it’s not just people in Atlantic City.  One of his sons has 150,000 followers on social media.  So people from all over the WORLD are calling.

His sons weren’t sure if putting his number out there was a good idea.  But they wanted to do something special for his birthday, so they decided to “go big or go home.”  And yes, Chris sees the humor in it.

His birthday isn’t until this Saturday.  So if you want to send him a message, you’ve got time.  His number is 1-561-307-4879.

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Survey Says?! Win Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8!

According to a new survey, THIS is the top serious lie women tell in relationships.

Answer: Their shopping habits | Click here for more.

More results…

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Their shopping habits
  2. Where they are
  3. Their flirtations
  4. Their debt
  5. Having an affair

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. There are only 60 certified master cheesemakers in the U.S., and all of them live and work in Wisconsin.
  1. Yosemite Sam almost had a different name. The other options were Texas Tiny, Wyoming Willie, and Denver Dan.
  1. Chuck E. Cheese was almost called Rick Rat’s Pizza. But their PR agency said the name would turn people off, because people don’t want to think of rats when they’re eating.
  1. The pie that Jason Biggs has sex with in “American Pie” came from Costco.
  1. Barack Obama wasn’t the first president accused of being born in another country. Chester A. Arthur was always accused of being born in Canada, but it was never proven.