Show Interview… Jenna Pilant

Show Interview… Jenna Pilant

Life after TV. Jenna Pilant interview…

Roughly 10 years ago, you may remember Jenna Pilant as the face and personality for Fox 4 & 17 (now KFXL Fox Nebraska).  Jenna entertained with her ‘Out and About’ series and countless other on-camera projects for the station.

While Jenna appeared on TV, she was also a busy UNK student.  Jenna achieved not one but two degrees from the University of Nebraska at Kearney: Musical Theatre and Music Business.  (During this time, Bic worked behind-the-camera with Jenna at Fox 4 & 17 and NTV)

After Jenna graduated, she decided to take her television experience and musical talents to sunny California where she now has an upholstery business, design+style blog, and a new ‘Room Bloom’ YouTube channel. 

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