Show Highlights… Monday, January 14

Show Highlights… Monday, January 14

A woman has been banned from a big box store for riding a motorized shopping cart while drinking wine out of a Pringles can … A dad places a dating ad for his sons before a family trip to New Zealand and it works … Everyday people went 0-101 in trying to make the 43-yard field goal that Cody Parkey missed last week … The “Bird Box” challenge, with alligators …

Contests on the show…

Life after TV. Jenna Pilant interview…

Roughly 10 years ago, you may remember Jenna Pilant as the face and personality for Fox 4 & 17 (now KFXL Fox Nebraska). After Jenna graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a Musical Theatre degree and a Music Business degree, she decided to take her television experience and talents to sunny California. 

What’s Jenna been up to since the move? Click here to listen to find out!

A woman has been banned from Walmart for riding a motorized shopping cart while drinking wine out of a Pringles can…

This classy, sexy lady may not be welcome at Walmart anymore, but she’s certainly welcome in MY life.

The cops in Wichita Falls, Kansas got a call on Friday morning from a Walmart about something, um, unique happening in their parking lot.

The employees said there was a woman who’d been driving one of their motorized shopping carts around the parking lot for at least two-and-a-half hours… and she was drinking WINE out of a PRINGLES CAN.

By the time the cops got there, the woman was gone… but they found her at a restaurant nearby.

She wasn’t arrested, but they did tell her the store was officially BANNING her.

Click here for more.

A dad places a dating ad for his sons before a family trip to New Zealand… and it works…

It’s always good when your parents do something MORTIFYING but it somehow works out for you.

A dad named Neil from Oregon was going on a trip to New Zealand over Christmas along with his wife and their three adult sons… a 26-year-old named Benjamin, a 28-year-old named Jeremy, and a 31-year-old named Matthew.

Well… they’re all single.  So as a joke, Neil took out a personal ad in the “New Zealand Herald” before the trip saying he was hoping to introduce his three wonderful, handsome, single sons to some, quote, “nice New Zealand daughters.”

He said the ad, quote, “At the very least [will] embarrass our sons”… and he gave the dates they’d be in the country and his email address.

And… IT WORKED.  All of the guys wound up going on dates while they were in New Zealand, and the oldest one, Matthew, apparently really hit it off and that relationship might go somewhere.

Click here for more including a photo of the brothers and the ad.

Everyday people went 0-101 in trying to make the 43-yard field goal that Cody Parkey missed last week…

Bears kicker CODY PARKEY might be feeling a little better… because this weekend, more than 100 people FAILED to make the 43-yard field goal that Cody missed in last week’s playoff game against the Eagles.

Chicago’s Goose Island Brewery set up some goalposts in the street outside their building, and offered FREE beer for a YEAR to anyone who could make it.

And NO ONE did.  Yeah, they went 0-for-101, according to ESPN.

Goose Island tried to make it as realistic as possible.  They put down ‘NFL regulation’ astro-turf, and had the kickers use the same amount of steps that they do in the NFL.  However, the footballs weren’t snapped to a placeholder, they were kicked off a stand.

Of course, Goose Island didn’t try to simulate how Cody’s kick was TIPPED by a defender… although, one contestant kicked it into a bystanders’ GROIN, so that one was sort of ‘tipped,’ in a way.

It was snowing, and the first contestant wiped out when he slipped in the snow, so you could say the conditions weren’t ideal.  But Cody would argue that the conditions also aren’t ideal when it’s a last-second kick on the brink of playoff elimination.

A lot of people struggled to even make good contact with the football… as if the spirit of Lucy from “Peanuts” was swiping the ball out from under them.

A few contestants got CLOSE… but no one ended up winning.  By the way, offering free alcohol is against the law in Illinois, so Goose Island had to change the prize to “an all-expenses-paid trip to an NFL game of a winner’s choice”… no matter how many winners there were.

Since no one could do it, the brewery donated $20,000 to the Lurie Children’s Hospital, a charity chosen by Cody.

The “Bird Box” challenge, with alligators…

If you’re not familiar with the “Bird Box” challenge, it’s based on a crazy popular Netflix movie that came out last month, and it involves people trying to do everyday activities while blindfolded. 

And a gator handler named Jason McDonald jumped on the bandwagon by posting a video he shot a while back.  We don’t know exactly when.  It’s several blindfolded “friends” in shallow water wrangling alligators.

It was part of a gator wrestling class he holds each year before winter arrives where they do a “gator wellness check.”  In this case they did it blindfolded, were timed, and the capture was official when they kissed the gator’s head.

(Search for “Friends Play Alligator Bird Box Challenge.”  The first capture is at 0:54 . . . the second at 1:20 . . . the third at 1:54 . . . and the fourth at 2:32.)

Survey Says?! Win Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8!

According to a new survey, THIS is the most common excuse people give for skipping a work out. 

Answer: Too tired | Click here for more.

More results…

  1. Too tired, 56%.
  2. Too much work to do, 36%.
  3. It was already late, 30%.
  4. Bad weather, 28%.
  5. Ate too much, 23%.
  6. Stayed late at work, 22%.
  7. Would rather stay in to watch Netflix, 15%.
  8. It was dark outside, 12%.
  9. Bad traffic, 12%.
  10. Workout buddy canceled, 11%.

There’s a point in everyone’s life where they start to feel “TOO OLD” to work out.  And the average age when that happens is . . . 41.

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. There’s a vault in Denmark under Lego’s headquarters that holds a copy of every Lego set ever made.
  1. The most expensive restaurant in the world is called Sublimotion, and it’s in the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza, Spain. The average price is around $2,000 per person.
  1. Jim Carrey got paid 140 times more than Jeff Daniels for “Dumb and Dumber”… Carrey got $7 million, Daniels got $50,000.
  1. About 1.9% of the land in America is covered in grass… which makes grass our biggest “crop” by far.
  1. Only two silent films have won Best Picture: “Wings” at the very first Oscars in 1929… and “The Artist”, 83 years later in 2012.