Show Highlights… Tuesday, October 16

Show Highlights… Tuesday, October 16

A squirrel with large breasts is becoming a social media sensation … A kid sold pumpkins for Halloween to help raise money for a service dog … A woman hides her crack pipe from the cops by chewing it up and swallowing the glass …

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Big Red Predictions…

A squirrel with large breasts is becoming a social media sensation…

Well, here’s a sentence I never thought would exist:  Check out the rack on that squirrel.

There’s a squirrel at Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo, Japan, and she’s becoming a social media sensation… because of her very noticeable and voluptuous breasts.

So what’s going on?  Well, squirrels don’t have breasts… this squirrel is probably just plumped up for hibernation, and that extra bulk on her body happened to take that shape.  But still.

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A kid sold pumpkins for Halloween to help raise money for a service dog…

There’s a six-year-old kid in western Michigan named Ian Unger who has type-1 diabetes.  So his parents constantly have to monitor his insulin levels.  And they’ve been looking into getting him a service dog to help.

Dogs can be specially trained now to sense when your insulin levels are dropping, just by smelling you.  But they can cost up to $25,000.  And sometimes you have to wait over a year to get one.

Anyway, Ian and his mom knew they had some time to raise money.  So they came up with an idea to grow pumpkins this year and sell them for Halloween.

They posted photos on Facebook a few weeks ago, offering big pumpkins for $10, and smaller ones for $5.  And once people found out where the money was going, they completely sold out.  So that put a small dent in what they needed to raise.

But then Ian’s mom realized the story might go viral after a local news outlet picked up on it last week.  So she launched a Facebook fundraiser.

As of last night, random people who heard about the story had already donated over $22,000 to help them out. 

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A woman hides her crack pipe from the cops by chewing it up and swallowing the glass…

When this lady gets out of jail, she could have a decent career as a sideshow performer.  People pay good money to see this type of thing…

52-year-old Dariel Hutton was being questioned by the cops near Tampa last Friday.  They were looking for her boyfriend’s keys for some reason.

So she started digging through her purse for them.  And while she was digging, a cop standing next to her spotted a CRACK PIPE in the purse.

So before they could grab it, she made a split-second decision and put the crack pipe in her mouth… then chewed up the glass and SWALLOWED it.

When they got her to open her mouth, she was bleeding pretty heavily, but the crack pipe was gone.  It’s not clear if she had any issues PASSING all that glass later on.  But the stunt didn’t do her any good, and she still got arrested.

She’s facing charges for tampering with evidence, resisting arrest, and possession of narcotics, because she had pills in her purse but no prescription.

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Survey Says… Win Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8!

A new survey asked people what major things they’d be willing to give up if it meant they’d never be HUNGOVER again. 32% of people said THIS.

Answer: Watching sports | Click here for more

More results…

Here are 10 things people would be willing to sacrifice to avoid hangovers forever…

  1. Watching sports, 32%.
  2. Their dignity, by getting-it-on with someone unattractive, 25%.
  3. Social media, 22%.
  4. Coffee, 20%.
  5. Netflix, 11%.
  6. A stranger’s life, 8%. (Dude.)
  7. Alcohol, 8%.
  8. A FINGERTIP, 5%.
  9. Their dog or cat’s LIFE, 4%. (DUDE.)
  10. Their cell phone, 2%.

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. The people who created the mp3 used the same song over and over to test their compression: “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega.  They picked it because, quote, “a warm, acapella voice” is the hardest thing to compress.
  1. Even though M. Night Shyamalan gets a lot of heat for making a bunch of bombs, all but one of his movies have been profitable. The only movie he ever made that lost money was “Wide Awake” in 1998.
  1. The fax machine was invented about 30 years before the telephone.
  1. Every single Snickers bar, except the tiny Halloween-sized ones, are made in Waco, Texas.
  1. “Paranormal Activity” is the most profitable movie ever, percentage wise. It cost $450,000 to make and made $89.3 million.  That’s a return on investment of 19,751%.